Frustrated dad calls out oversexualized baby clothes for girls

One dad realized how oversexualized young girls are when he received an eyebrow-raising onesie for his newborn daughter.

TikTok user Michael (@world.shaker) posted a response to a prompt asking when users realized that the oversexualization of women started so young. Michael’s response, which has over 3 million views, breaks down his eye-opening experience of trying to find clothes for his daughter.

Michael said he knew the oversexualizion of girls’ clothing was going to be bad, but he didn’t know “how bad.” 

But then he and his spouse were sent a onesie for their daughter that said: “Sorry, boys. Dad says no dating.” — sized for a newborn.

“I guess I’m wondering who they thought was going to date our 0-month-old daughter,” said Michael. 

But it wasn’t just the inappropriate things written on the onesie that alarmed Michael. It was also the designs themselves. 

“Why does everything have ruffles? Why is everything hyper pink? Why is everything glittery?” he asked. 

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Michael also pointed out that the fit of girls’ clothing is tighter than the fit of boys’ clothing, noting that girl clothes are often smaller than boy clothes even though they’re the same size. 

“I don’t get why boys get normal shorts while my daughter gets shorts with an inseam of -2,” the frustrated father said.

Oversexualization isn’t just frustrating for parents who want to create safe environments for their kids. It can also have lasting effects on the child. According to an American Psychological Association report, “girls exposed to sexualizing and objectifying media are more likely to experience body dissatisfaction, depression and low self-esteem.”

Given the research, Michael’s point on how even infants are exposed to sexualization is definitely concerning. Other parents on TikTok agreed, voicing their support in the comments section. 

“Why can’t they let girls be girls instead of mini women? I don’t get that,” one user wrote. 

Another parent also noticed inappropriate phrases written on clothing for girls. “And the ‘little heartbreaker’ onesies, like no!”

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