Fostoria brothers expand online apparel shop Wavy Baby with new storefront

The stylish track suits for kids is so popular, Wavy Baby has expanded to offer adult sizes as well.

FOSTORIA, Ohio — What started as an online kids clothing shop run by two brothers is now a full fledged clothing company in Fostoria.

About a year ago, brothers Vincent Williams and Neval McMullen started up a new business idea online, the Wavy Baby Clothing brand. 

They originally only offered stylish track suits and sweat suits for kids. But once their products started selling, they realized they needed to expand.

“All of the kids around here in surrounding areas was wearing it, and before you know it the adults wanted to start wearing it too, so we started making adult clothes. And we took all the money and invested it back into the business, and before you know it a year later and we have a store now,” Williams said.

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Wavy Baby has been in a Fostoria storefront for three weeks, with an expanded product line for men, women, and kids. The brothers are also offering their space to help promote other local vendors.

“We’re trying to develop more, get more things. We’ve got the Lady Wavy thing going on over here, and we’ve got others brands in the store. So, there’s not just Wavy Baby here, we have other brands made locally here as well,” McMullen said.

While the brothers have big expectations for their new storefront model, they know there is still a large market for their products online, as they have recently shipped their apparel across the country and internationally.

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“The big picture, we want to have Wavy Baby as a household name, have it in different cities. That’s the long-term goal. But online, we’re never going to give up on online,” Williams said. “My little motto is ‘consistent progress,’ every day you just need to be doing something consistent to get to your destination. So, hopefully we set a good example for the community.”

The Wavy Baby Clothing storefront is open Mondays through Thursdays 11 – 8, and Fridays and Saturdays 11 – 9.