Flavored Baby Care Wipe Patented By TaylorBaby LLC

US Patent No. 11,730,683 B2 (Danielle R. Stangler, Julia M. Rossi, Ryan Stangler);  TaylorBaby, LLC, Castle Rock, CO, has patented a flavored wipe made from nonwoven cloth material. The wipe material is contacted with a solution comprising water and a flavoring component. The flavoring component includes a sweetener comprising a stevia solution prepared by combining a stevia extract selected from the group consisting of Rebaudioside-A, Rebaudioside-C, Rebaudioside-D and Stevioside.

TaylorBaby manufactures baby care wipes solder under the NeatCheeks banner. Founder Danielle Stangler and Julia Rossi, named in this newly awarded patent, appeared  on SharkTank Season 6 (2014-2015). It inked a deal with Barbara Corcoran. The company now sells through Amazon and remains active on Instagram.