Five simple ways to take care of your baby’s clothes

It is a known fact that a baby’s skin is extremely soft and delicate and, therefore, needs more care and pampering to avoid the risk of rashes. A common mistake that new parents make is to treat baby clothes the same as adult clothes.

Manoj Jain, the director of Scram Kidswear, says healthy clothing equals healthy children and there are ways to take care of baby clothes. He shares five tips; read on.

1. Buying them correctly: Right clothes last long. Choose ones that can be cleaned easily, don’t require constant attention and will not increase laundry bills. Anything which is 100 per cent cotton is an ideal choice, as it is breathable, easy on the skin and can be washed easily. Make sure to avoid embellished clothes as they will hurt the baby and get washed off easily.

2. Wash it: The moment you buy clothes, wash them. Only then can the baby wear them. Clothes usually have various chemical residues from the shop. And the baby’s sensitive skin can react adversely.

3. The correct way to wash: Hand-washing ensures parents keep an eye on the cleaning process personally. A gentle spin cycle is also apt if using a washing machine. This protects delicate clothes from going all saggy. It is also recommended that parents soak clothes in warm water before a final wash to help remove any dirt or bacteria.

Read the washing instructions on the label. Well-washed clothes last longer. Wash diapers or nappies separately in hot water. Babies are messy and their clothes need to be changed often. Clean them straight away with the correct stain remover.

4. Using right products: A newborn’s sensitive skin needs to be handled with care. So, it is important to use the right products to wash their clothes. Buying suitable laundry products is advisable. These days, many brands have special baby laundry products, including organic or sustainable ingredients. A good fabric conditioner keeps clothes all soft, comfy and fragrant for the baby.

5. Drying and storing: Air-drying clothes under the sun is the ideal way to kill off germs. Drying them in a cotton bag is even better. Wrap them in cotton sheets for drying. This is considered a great way to protect the baby’s clothes safe from dirt or bacteria.

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