F’iT Nutrition promotes wellness with healthy food choices

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be quite straightforward. Eat well, exercise regularly, and sleep enough. Despite the importance of eating ‘right,’ the diet of an average Indian does not contain enough protein, micronutrients, and whole grains, according to the report published by the Centre for Science and Environment and Down to Earth magazine, State of India’s Environment 2022: In Figures. In fact, India has witnessed a dramatic rise in the prevalence of overweight and obesity among its adult population driven by the consumption of low nutrient-rich, ultra-processed foods.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise in income levels, Indians have become more focused on personal wellness. We have witnessed the market for nutrition products, such as protein bars and powders, sports drinks, and other products, proliferate over the past several years and expect this trend to continue. Many people are now focused on exercising effectively and consuming the proper nutrition under the direction of experts and dieticians.

One platform that seriously takes health and wellness is F’iT Nutrition. This top-notch food brand breaks the barriers and creates something new for health aficionados. Recently, F’iT Nutrition, a nutrition company focused on offering India healthy snacks, launched its Nutrition Bars, Premium Energy Bars, and Flavored Nut Butters.

Founded in 2020 by an alumnus of IIT Bombay and Kellogg School of Management, USA, F’iT Nutrition aims to give everyday people, like you and me, a range of nutritiously-packed snacks. Supported by a strong community, the company has scaled rapidly through partnerships with significant health and wellness marketplaces and offline retail stores. Currently, F’iT Nutrition offers more than 10 products, serving a wide variety of consumer preferences.

When developing these power-packed snacks, F’iT Nutrition was meticulous about each ingredients that go in the bar and where these ingredients are sourced from. Each snack contains ingredients like berries, nuts, and seeds, which aim to help protect against immune diseases and health issues. With an emphasis on providing the right amount of protein, F’iT’s Nutrition Bars are filled with whey protein to ensure optimal body performance. Not to mention that the variety of snacks are also delicious.

“The vision of the team at F’iT Nutrition is to make healthy and protein-packed food convenient without risking quality and taste. The team at F’iT Nutrition is obsessed with quality and has come up with many innovative products that promote healthy eating habits,” the co-founder of F’iT Nutrition, Piyush Gupta, said. “We are here to support those who want to adopt a healthy lifestyle in today’s unpredictable world,” conveyed Kunal Khandelwal, the platform’s co-founder.

By exercising regularly and eating the right balance of foods, people have witnessed increased training results, quick healing times, maintenance of healthy body weight and physique, consistency in their performance report, and much more. Diet and nutrition are essential for maintaining good health, and F’iT Nutrition is one of those prevailing brands for healthy living that are engraving their names in the nutrition domain.

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