Family seeks answers in death of 10-month-old at Homestead daycare

HOMESTEAD, Fla. – An investigation is ongoing after a 10-month-old baby died on Monday.

The child was at the Lincoln-Marti Child Care on Krome Avenue and Sixth Street in Homestead.

Local 10 News has learned a worker found a baby unresponsive Monday afternoon.

Baby boy dies after Homestead daycare worker found him unresponsive

Authorities said the infant was airlifted to Kendall Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Miami-Dade police said an employee was doing rounds, checking on children and found the baby boy unresponsive.

Local 10 News’ Christian De La Rosa spoke to the child’s grandparents, who identified him as 10-month-old Tayvon Tomlin.

An investigation is ongoing after a 10-month-old baby died on Monday.

His grandfather, Sean Tomlin, who just saw the baby earlier Monday morning, was in complete shock.

“It was probably a little after 1. My son called me frantic and he was on his way to the hospital. (He) told me that the baby wasn’t breathing,” Tomlin said. “This morning when I played with him, he was up and happy and energetic, so that’s why I don’t understand, that’s why I’m trying to get answers now because he was energetic this morning when I played with him, like I do every morning when his father gets him ready.”


10-month-old Tayvon Tomlin (Tomlin family)

Family members eventually spoke with detectives inside the daycare in hopes of learning more about what happened.

They came out with more questions, though.

“She got ready to feed them the bottles and he was laying there with his eyes open, and she went to check him but he was not responsive,” said family member Fredericka McMilian. “There’s no explanation because is no cameras in the room, I don’t understand that. Why would you not have a camera in the baby room? That’s the most important place in there.”

Lincoln-Marti Child Care sent a statement to Local 10 which read:

“As a result of a medical emergency, this afternoon a child was transported from a Lincoln-Marti childcare center in Homestead by Miami-Dade Fire Rescue. It was later learned that the child passed away. Lincoln-Marti is working with the authorities to determine what caused this tragic situation and offers its sincere condolences to the family. Out of respect for their privacy, no further comment will be made at this time.”


Throughout the afternoon, concerned parents arrived to pick up their children from the daycare.

Authorities have yet to reveal any information on the baby’s cause of death.

Family members set up a GoFundMe account to assist with expenses.

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