Experts want to remind caregivers of the importance of nourishing your baby’s digestive system

WASHINGTON, ( WDVM ) — Babies are such a joy, and many parents or caretakers want what’s best for them.

However, did you know your baby is born without gut bacteria? As odd as that might sound, it is actually very important that caregivers provide children with the proper nutrients from birth.

According to Evivo Gut Health, back in the day, a healthy baby gut was mainly from the good bacteria, that mothers passed on to their babies during birth.

However, with advanced medical practices like c-sections and antibiotics, some babies are left with decreased gut protection. 

Medical consultants from Gerber’s Pediatric suggest, the initial years of a child’s life are critical for developing healthy systems.

Experts say it is important for parents to research ways to protect and improve your baby’s gut,  because digestion of nutrients and brain function are all linked to gut health.

Dr. Whitney Casares, Gerber’s Pediatric Medical Consultant, stated:

The first 2-3 years of a baby’s life are critical, but as soon as we can start to address these issues, the better. Parents should really focus on three core promising areas in regards to these early feeding choices, which are, the inclusion of prebiotics and probiotics. Then once they start solid foods, making sure they’re making the healthiest choices possible.

Experts say gut health plays a big role in development, and parents should do their  research and communicate with pediatricians if they are unsure of what steps to take.