Easy 7 tips to keep baby clothes looking brand new (even if they aren’t)

baby clothes
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The foundation of brand new-looking clothes is the washing and drying technique behind them. And when it comes to babies and toddlers, they are prone to spilling, which leads to their clothes constantly in the washer. Follow these tips to keep your baby’s cute and cheerful clothes looking new till they outgrow them.

  1. Read the tags: The company that sources raw material and manufactures clothes knows the best about taking care of them. They also know the secret to keeping beautiful baby clothes in the best condition. Check the tags of the garment and their washing instructions before you decide to buy them, so you know what you’re signing up for. Follow the advised instructions and keep bright and inspiring baby clothes looking crisp.
  2. Treat before washing: When a garment is stained, it is common for parents to throw it in the laundry bag. The stained garment is tackled when your next laundry day comes. While it may seem like a convenient option, it is definitely not a great one. Storing your baby’s clothes without treating the stains can destroy the fabric. Ensure whenever an outfit gets stained, pre-treat the stain. Either rub a stain removal solution over the stain or dip it in a trusted detergent.
  3. Turn the garments inside out: Kids love t-shirts with quotes, bodysuits with fun designs, and everything bright. These are the garments that need more care than usual to maintain their original aesthetic. If the outfit that needs to be washed has a design or colorful prints, turn the garment inside out. It’ll save the clothes’ colors, images, and patterns, so when you turn the garments back, they are fresh and new-like.
  4. The water temperature matters: The temperature of the water used to wash clothes decides the fate of the clothes. Yes, cold water keeps the fabric intact, but it’s not as good at getting rid of the dirt. Hot water gets rids of dirt so much better, but it also destroys the fabric of clothes over time. The solution is to get the water lukewarm and use it to hand wash or machine wash amazing baby clothes.
  5. Take it easy with the dryer: Everyone wants to have crisp clothes right out of the dryer, but that isn’t always the case. Wrinkled, deeply-creased, and improperly dried clothes lose their integrity. To keep the baby’s inspiring clothes fresh and new-like, load the dry only halfway. It doesn’t let the clothes weigh on other pieces, dries them completely, and saves them longer.
  6. Watch the dryer time: It is more than common for people to leave the clothes a little too long in the dryer. While it may seem like an excellent way to have dry clothes, it is also the perfect way to destroy any garment. The best way to avoid this is to check the clothing tags, following the suggested dryer time, and take the clothes out immediately.
  7. Keep it cool in the shade: If the dryer seems to be an issue or you want to take a better way of drying delicate baby clothes, try air drying. Use a rope or clothing stand to spread the clothes in a shady area. It will allow the clothes to air dry and save them from direct sun. It is the best way to dry clothes and keep them happy.

That’s it. Take care of these 7 simple steps to keep your empowering baby clothing new-like for a long time. Try them every time to wash and dry baby clothes and watch the clothes stay blooming and bright, just like your baby.

Story by Sabrina Kingston. She is a lifestyle and parenting blogger at Cuterascals.com. She writes on parenting, lifestyle, kids and family issues.