Dress your baby like an Instagram star with Stitchedwonderland

The uncertainties of 2020 begged the question, “Can babies still be fashionistas?” and Stitchedwonderland answered with a resounding “Yes!”

life after disney

That may be a touch dramatic, but even during a pandemic—and perhaps more so during a pandemic, when the bottom half of everyone’s face is covered—there are few things more adorable than babies and toddlers dressed “to the nines” in flouncy pinafores or cute little jumpers.  It’s a heart-tugging sight that makes us feel like something is still right with the world.

Rachel’s path to starting her baby clothing business, Stitchedwonderland, began inadvertently, with a move from Indiana to Florida four and a half years ago: “I knew that a job at Disney was my dream goal. Nowhere in the world can you go and experience the magic that Disney provides, and I wanted to be part of making that magic for guests.”

Rachel was offered a role at Walt Disney World’s Wilderness Lodge, working as a server at Story Book Dining at Artist Point with Snow White. Each day she helped Snow White, Dopey, Grumpy, and the Evil Queen make magical memories for guests, perhaps with the occasional “whistle while you work” thrown in for good measure.

When furloughs came as Walt Disney World closed due to the pandemic, Rachel needed something to do. She thought back to her childhood when, at age 6, she learned to sew, with her first finished product being a Cabbage Patch doll dress.

Rachel put 24 years of experience to work and turned her hand toward creating fashion-forward baby clothing, a skill that came in handy not only to make an income, but also as a means of dressing her infant daughter in darling little outfits. And the requests to purchase these totally unique items rolled in.

“I have always loved sewing, but had only made clothes for myself and a few special requests from friends and acquaintances,” Rachel says. “After I had my little girl, I obviously started making clothes for her, and got so many requests and compliments on her outfits. When the shut-down started, I decided that I finally had the time to really put effort into advertising and selling the pieces I make.”

Her daughter now plays the role of fashion model, showing each piece off to its best advantage. Add a jaunty headband, a pair of baby sunglasses, or even a mini set of mouse ears to your chosen ensemble, and let your toddler’s inner trend-setter shine!

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