Dramatic moment cops hold back NSW mum as authorities remove her eight-month-old child

The dramatic moment a baby boy was forcibly taken from his breastfeeding mother’s arms in NSW has been caught on camera.

The eight-month-old “gumnut” baby was taken from his family, who are believed to live in bushland near Byron Bay, last week.

In a video posted to social media, NSW Police officers, as well as Family and Community Services can be seen speaking to the mother, who pleads with them not to remove her child.

Authorities are initially heard trying to talk the mother into handing the child over before moving in to forcibly take him.

“This is not right. This is my baby,” the topless mother is heard telling authorities.

“This is against human rights. Don’t do this to him.”

The mother and her baby.
The mother and her baby. Credit: GoFundMe