Des Moines company offering services found in bigger cities

Baby Butler is offering rental baby gear in Des Moines. The business is also to show visitors the city offers the same amenities as big cities.

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — A new business that’s helping families rent quality baby gear when coming to or leaving town is more than just a rental company.

It’s a business that can also show visitors coming to Des Moines the same amenities offered in bigger cities. That company is called Baby Butler and was started by Megan Hurd. It’s an idea she got when traveling to a bigger city.

“When we got there I rented from a local company and it was wonderful,” Hurd said. “And I had to take way less things, and then when we got back, I was like, ‘Wow that was really great! I didn’t have to bring the crib the stroller, etc.,’ and then I thought to myself this would be a good service to offer to families here in Des Moines.”

She started her business at the end of January. 

But the business isn’t just a rental company, it’s a company that can show potential visitors Des Moines can be accommodating and like other major cities.

“If it was someone that was traveling here, I can deliver [baby rental] to the airport if they would like to have it there,” Hurd said.

Hurd has thirteen products available for people to rent. They range from the Snoo Bassinet to a stroller/car seat combo.

She said so far, the Snoo is the most popular item being rented.

Hurd noted the company can also be for someone like a grandparent who is watching the grandkids for a short period of time and needs a quick rental. Or, a parent who just wants to try out a product before buying it.

And although the business is less than two months old, Hurd has plans to eventually add on to it— making it even better.

She hopes to offer coupons to renters for family-friendly places in town, which could hopefully attract people back to the area.

“Make it an all-around baby service,” Hurd said. “Just really help families. it’s a hard time when you have young children, so just as much help as you can provide, the better.”

Hurd said when people can rent an item ranging from weeks to months.

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