Day 4: Buy beds, sports equipment, baby toys

Day 4: Buy beds, sports equipment, baby toys

Over the next week, the Tallahassee Democrat is partnering with Catholic Charities on the Christmas Connection to spotlight local families who need help this Christmas. Donations will be taken Nov. 27-Dec. 20. Here’s how you can help.

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CASE #103: Beds for special needs kids 

This single mother is raising 4 sons with special needs. They have experienced numerous setbacks – washing machine, car, phone, and oven all stopped working about the same time. Mother was washing clothes by hand, cooking on stovetop, and looking for a car. The family may need to move due to rent increase if they cannot work something out with the landlord. It is the only home the children have known.


Twin Beds – all the children are sleeping in mother’s bed; food, toiletries and cleaning supplies


Mother, age 39: Bath towels and washcloths, pots and pans

Son, age 14: Tablet, science toys, sensory/motor toys, STEM kits

Son, age 12: Basketball/sports equipment, books, science toys, brain games