Dad under fire for buying ‘wrong’ clothes for his baby as ‘girls don’t wear dinosaurs’

A dad-to-be has been slammed by his peers after buying ‘boy’ clothes for his daughter because they believe “girls don’t wear dinosaurs”.

The man has been encouraged by his wife to get involved with every aspect of their lives, from planning holidays, organising the wedding, and shopping for their soon to be born daughter.

She doesn’t think he should be excluded just because he’s a man, so welcomes his ideas and encourages him – even when she doesn’t necessarily agree with his decisions.

And now he has been ridiculed by his family, friends, and other peers, after buying gender-neutral or ‘boy’ clothes for his daughter – with many people telling him he should have stuck to traditional clothes for girls.

Sharing the story on Reddit, the wife said: “My husband and I are expecting our first child in two months and throughout our relationship, I have been very set on letting him have equal say on all things that matter.

“For the wedding, he was expected to have just as much say as everyone else and I did not entertain any talk of ‘but the groom doesn’t make these kinds of decisions’.

“It just seems silly to me that one party can’t have a say because it goes against the norm.

“I have maintained this expectation throughout our relationship and now that we are having our first child I have left my husband to pick and choose how he likes.”

The trouble began when he started picking clothes for his baby, a girl, as he realised not many of the clothes appealed to him – so he went off the beaten path.

He started selecting clothes typically for boys, including items with dinosaur images on, or gender-neutral clothes that either a boy or a girl could wear.

A dad holding his baby
The wife’s friends thought she was being too soft and shouldn’t let her husband have so much of a say

The post continued: “He has had trouble finding the girl clothing options appealing and as such half the clothing items we end up buying are typically considered boys clothes such as dinosaur prints.

“His argument is that dinosaurs are cool no matter if you’re a boy or a girl.

“Please note that it’s not that he wanted a boy – he’s over the moon to be having a girl but he just feels a lot of the clothes are overly mature for babies, finding it hard to get behind the suggestive themes and styles just not meant for a child that young if for anyone.

“While we feel that clothes are clothes, friends and family often complain. The mother-in-law complains that she can’t buy anything because she doesn’t know what theme we’re going for. There isn’t one.

“She says we are making it intentionally difficult. Others pull faces but try to be polite about it.

“Braver people tell us that girls don’t wear dinosaurs, among the other boy options we have. Imagine the horror of a baby dressed in a lion decorated onesie.”

The woman went on to say how she feels uncomfortable dressing her daughter in clothes with inappropriate messages found on ‘girls’ clothes, such as ‘sorry boys, no dating allowed’.

The post continued: “Recently we’ve had some friends go out and buy the most aggressively feminine clothing items they can find, frills, shockingly pink, and silly words to boot.

“Just why? Some look downright uncomfortable even for an adult and now I’m expected to dress my baby in it, such as baby shoes with heels.

“They can’t even walk yet. The friends smiled sweetly and mentioned that I’ve been too soft-hearted on my husband and shouldn’t let him have so much free reign with the baby clothes.”

After posting the dilemma anonymously on Reddit, other users were quick to back the husband.

One user posted: “You husband is right – dinosaurs are cool no matter your gender.”

And another said: “I hate buying baby ‘girl’ clothes. Dinos are awesome no matter what gender you are. Frills and things are impossible to keep clean on top of everything else. It’s awesome y’all are actually co-parenting.”

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