Cute: Mom Distributes “Crying Baby Care Kits” On Transpacific Flight

This is an old story, but it was shared with me for the first time today and I was touched by it and wanted to share it with you. A mother put together a cute care kit for other passengers ahead of her transpacific flight which apologized in advance if her baby was noisy.

Cute Crying Baby Care Kit + Note Ahead Of Transpacific Flight

Here’s how the story goes, which was shared widely in 2019:

A mother was traveling from Seoul, South Korea (ICN) to the San Francisco (SFO) with her four month old baby. She created more than 200 “advance apology” kits for the passengers around her in economy class, which included candy, chewing gum, and earplugs.

She also included the following note “written” by her baby Jan Woo:

“Hello, I am Junwoo and I’m 4 months old and today I’m going to the U.S. with my mom and grandmom to see my aunt. I’m a little bit nervous and scary because it’s my first flight in my life, which means that I may cry or make too much noise. I will try to go quite, though I can’t make any promises. Please excuse me. So my mom prepared little goodie bag for yoU! It has some candies and earplugs. Please use it when it’s too noisy because of me. Enjoy your trip. Thank you.”

As the father of two youngsters and one who has done his fair share of baby travel by air, I find this note such a kind gesture. It is thoughtful and gracious and I have to imagine it would have helped some people who would have complained or at least been annoyed with a crying baby be less annoyed.

That said, I’m not about to start doing this. Nor should others. Sometimes babies need to fly too and sometimes babies make noise. The idea that a baby must be as well-behaved as an adult (a trite demand from the anti-child crowd) is absurd.

Do note that when a child screams on a plane, parents are the most uncomfortable. Even when my daughter so much as whimpers on a plane, I do all in my power to keep her quiet. Certainly, I do not want to disturb others. No reasonable parent does.

But I won’t apologize for taking my young children to see their family across the ocean. Nor should Junwoo’s mother. The beauty of air travel is that it connects us in ways that were never possible in the past. That families with young children take advantage in order to see friends or family is nothing to be sorry about, even if the baby acts like…a baby.


I found the note from Junwoo quite touching and the gesture quite kind. Even so, I’m not about to start taking that approach when traveling with my daughter. We should all be more gracious and compassionate to others, but that goes both ways. Parents traveling with young children have it hard: how about being kind to them when their baby cries so that such goodie bags are simply not needed to shut people up?