Conscious Beauty Group Launches Baby Care Line For Eco-Friendly Parents

Conscious Beauty Group, the parent company of eco-friendly hair care brands We Are Paradoxx and Supernova, has just launched a baby care line aimed at sustainability-focused millennial and Gen Z parents.
The line, called Mini Humans, is designed specifically for children with sensitive skin and is now available at Target.
The launch of Mini Humans is especially significant for CBG CEO Yolanda Cooper, who has a toddler with sensitive skin.
The five-item line includes Baby Body Lotion, Baby Bubble Bath Soaks, Baby Curl Shampoo, Baby Curl Conditioner, and Baby Shampoo + Body Wash, each priced at $9.99. These formulas are packaged in aluminum bottles with fully recyclable accordion pumps and contain 97% to 99% natural formulas.
Furthermore, Mini Humans meets Target Zero and Target Clean standards for packaging waste reduction and clean formulations, respectively. CBG expects to reach $2.5 million in sales from this new venture. The Conscious Beauty Group, headquartered in Belfast, is optimistic about the product’s reception by eco-conscious parents who are on the lookout for sustainable options.

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