Comfy organic clothing for your babies

Keeping the trending styles in view and prioritizing the baby’s health, the brand manufactures Organic Babies Clothes that suit your baby’s taste without taking a toll on his or her sensitive skin.

The brand understands that the love for toddler supersedes everything else and presents nothing short of the best range of unisex baby clothes. From bodysuits and rompers to tees, pants, and skirts; we offer a wide range of boys’, girls’ and unisex organic babies clothes stitched for supreme comfort.

Shikha Kumar, Director of Nino Bambino and a mother of two shares, ” Nino Bambino was incepted in 2014 when I had my second baby. The need for organic clothing in the Indian market made us think about venturing into basic baby clothing for the new parents. The advantage that we got was of the already established export business into organic baby clothes. It is the need of the hour, as there is growing demand and shortage of good quality sustainable clothing.”

They are an organic clothing line for babies with the aim to offer trendy, functional, and sustainable baby clothing. They provide unique and desirable designs that are also easy on the pocket. After intensive research on developing this idea over the past years, they have recently launched the brand for the Indian Market. The key personnel associated with the brand have many years of experience in baby apparel manufacturing, designing and the organic cotton industry.

The collection at Nino Bambino provides 100{b4bb8ddb70249670c85c66def16f765bd40a90ddaa69bcee7e340d9a7e1b07a9} certified organic cotton apparel and accessories for babies. With experience in designing and manufacturing organic cotton baby apparel and having catered to the international market, the brand has been launched with the aim to bring organic clothing to Indian customers now.

There is a well thought out reason behind providing organic clothing to babies these days. With an increase in the number of chemicals used in the farming process, the cotton which is processed into fabric tends to cause skin irritation and problems.

Little children and babies have extremely sensitive skin and the use of organic cotton apparel helps their skin to breathe better and reduces the scope of irritation and problems. Even the buttons used in the clothes are nickel free which help avoid harmful metals that may affect the child. Also, the encouragement of organic farming helps to eliminate the use of harmful chemicals and pollutants from the environment and replaces them with natural pest repellents and composts which are biodegradable and do not affect the ecosystem.

Sustainability is needed for their gentle skin. Chemical free, eco-friendly clothing is required especially in the Indian scenario.

Sharing about their initial challenges, Shikha says that it was a challenge to make some people understand the difference between organic clothing and how useful these are for the baby’s skin.

“The pandemic has in fact has helped us in a positive way by increasing our online sales; since the entire world is purchasing online. Some of the sustainability factors during the pandemic were maintaining quality and customer service. Being a mom yourself, you have ready models at home to do all the R&D and get their views on the kind of clothes that they would be keen to wear. These kids have been growing as the brand is growing. The market is growing at the moment and we are happy to play a small role in making this incredible change in people’s mindset about organic and eco-friendly clothing in India,” concludes Shikha.

Shikha Kumar with her children