Colugo is putting their customer’s experience first with high-quality products meant to last

Colugo produces high-quality parenting products that are made for parents, by parents. Their products are designed to be practical, affordable, durable, and to resolve a wide range of common parenting problems and frustrations.

Co-founder Ted Iobst was inspired to found Colugo with his wife, Christy, when they found out they were expecting twins. As they stocked up on baby gear for the first time, the parents-to-be quickly became disillusioned with the products they were encountering.

“Throughout the process of buying strollers and car seats and carriers and you name it we really were kind of disappointed,” Ted explained. “We were left with brands that really didn’t resonate with us; products that were over-specced and way overpriced. We knew there had to be a better way and so we created it in Colugo.”

Ted took a research-driven approach to creating products for Colugo. He spent months not only working on designs, but speaking with parents about their needs. He began targeting what he calls “parent pain points,” and trying to find ways his products could alleviate them.

“We spent literally hundreds of hours shadowing other parents and understanding ‘where are your pain points’ and then devising solutions to solve them,” he explained. “Every product we bring to market meaningfully lowers the price of high quality goods, meaningfully improves the buying experience, and we’re bringing forward a brand that’s all about confidence.”

Colugo makes a range of strollers and baby carriers, and also sells multiple-product “bundles.” The Complete Travel System includes their Complete Stroller, Complete Infant Kit, which can be used to turn the stroller into a lie-flat bassinet for infants, and the Clek Liing Infant Car Seat.

All of Colugo’s products are designed to make traveling with your little one safer and easier. For example, their Colugo Baby Carrier is lightweight, breathable, and can be adjusted as your baby grows from a newborn to up to 33 pounds. It even comes with an SPF 50 sunshade to protect your baby on extra sunny days and removable storage pouches that make it easy to carry all the things your baby needs on the go.

While Ted was inspired to start Colugo to solve his own “parenting pain points,” he now finds joy in watching his products help others. For Ted, nothing is more satisfying than encountering real parents in his city who are benefitting from his products.

He explains, “Every day when I’m walking around Philadelphia, seeing someone using our stroller, taking advantage of those features we spent days, weeks, months trying to get perfect, really brings me a lot of joy. It’s just paid off in more ways than we could’ve imagined.”

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