ByHeart Announces the Launch of Cluster a First-of-Its-Kind Digital Community to Support All Parents’ Feeding Decisions

NEW YORK, June 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Baby nutrition company ByHeart announced today the launch of Cluster, a new digital platform offering a judgment-free, advice-rich, and peer-powered community for feeding support to parents, in advance of their infant formula launch expected later this year. ByHeart was founded to offer all parents choices when feeding, and access to resources and education to support them from pregnancy through toddlerdom. Founders Ron Belldegrun and Mia Funt believe that a resource like Cluster, built upon credible advice and information about baby nutrition and wellness to meet parents in their pain points, and to help them navigate the micro-moments of each unique stage, is long overdue for the new parent community. By working with a world-renowned team of leading nutrition scientists, lactation and sleep experts, matrescence and physical therapists, and pediatricians ByHeart was able to build Cluster to make these valuable resources available to all parents in the moments they need them most.

Cluster’s community will have access to exclusive content, “office hours” and classes – all complimentary –  with experts such as:

Cluster will be the only community platform featuring integration with LinkedIn, helping to ensure users also get credible advice from people they know and can trust. The site’s content will be organized by distinct “Moments” to help users get the answers they need when they need them. Parents can connect with other parents going through the exact same experiences at the same time and collect tips, articles and advice within each moment to create their personal pinboard of useful references. ByHeart has also partnered with notable contributors including Whitney Port, Pia Baroncini and Claire Olshan to share their firsthand feeding experiences as parents on Cluster.

“ByHeart was founded to be a nutrition partner to parents from pregnancy through the toddler years. We purposely launched Cluster between Mother’s and Father’s Day to illustrate our commitment to all parents and their crucial role in a baby’s feeding journey,” says ByHeart co-founder Mia Funt. “Pregnancy and early parenthood are filled with beautiful, panic-ridden micro moments. While there is so much information out there, somehow we still often feel alone and confused when we should feel confident and proud. As a parent, we deserve partners that offer this confidence with resources and support we need, when we need them, so we can come to the best solutions for our baby’s needs – and our own!”

As part of the launch, ByHeart will also debut an exclusive “Strange in the Night” video series featuring Laura Stylez, Kelia Moniz, Brant Daugherty, Ned Fulmer, and Taylor Townsend, among others. The series will address the strangeness of the 2 a.m. feeding, a ritual that can be filled with loneliness and alienation, serenity and calm, joy and exuberance, or an entirely surprising mash-up of all of those feelings. Strange in the Night will be featured on Cluster as well as on social with the hashtag #feedingislove, for every friend tagged ByHeart will make a donation to Black Mamas Matter Alliance, an organization that serves as a national voice and coordinating entity for stakeholders advancing maternal health, rights and justice for black women.

About ByHeart
Founded in 2016, based in New York City with manufacturing facilities in Pennsylvania, ByHeart is a fully integrated baby nutrition company dedicated to empowering parents with choices for a better feeding future. For more information on ByHeart, visit


ByHeart Announces the Launch of Cluster a First-of-Its-Kind Digital Community to Support All Parents’ Feeding Decisions

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