Breastfeeding tips for new mothers

As a lactation specialist, I see many new moms who are anxious about breastfeeding but want to give their baby the best start. Breastfeeding is one of the best things mothers can do to give their infant a strong start in life, but is certainly a learning experience for mother and baby. It’s a natural activity, but it takes practice, which requires time and patience. Here are a few tips that I share with my patients.  

Educate yourself and your support system on breastfeeding before your baby arrives. Ask your doctor about trusted sources of information to learn early about the benefits for moms and babies, how to get started, and incorporating breastfeeding into your lifestyle. Make sure the people around you are aware of your intention to breastfeed and verbalize your breastfeeding goals. Create a support system of encouraging people who will help you along the way.