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In the earliest days of parenthood, few things feel more primal and perfect than snuggling your newborn skin-to-skin. In fact, research shows that an uninterrupted hour of skin-to-skin (also called Kangaroo Care) provides tons of benefits for baby, from relieving stress to regulating body temperature to even accelerating brain development. Not surprisingly, it’s equally as helpful for mama; skin-to-skin can increase your milk production, reduce postpartum depression and promote psychological well-being.

That said, skin-to-skin time isn’t reserved for babies and their mamas. Snuggling against dad’s chest has equal benefits to baby, helping baby bond to him from day one.

But despite all the science, most baby clothes don’t make skin-to-skin time all that easy. Stripping them down and redressing them can be stressful for both of you, and depending on the temperature, leave their extremities chilly and uncomfortable. This exact scenario was the spark for Bonsie—the first and only babywear line designed for skin-to-skin contact between babies and caregivers.

According to founder Anna Turcotte, LCSW, “The idea for Bonsie emerged after the birth of my first child, Crew. While in the hospital, nurses pushed skin-to-skin to help initiate breastfeeding, stabilize Crew’s blood sugar, heart rate and temperature while helping both him and I adjust to this new world together. As I attempted to practice skin to skin as much as possible, I found the process of removing his clothing, then finding a blanket to wrap his back, and finally re-dressing him very difficult. That’s when the idea emerged: a onesie that can expose the baby’s chest easily while keeping the rest of their body warm and then easily close it all back up, even if they are asleep.”

Bonsie’s luxe footie onesies are designed with double-layered flaps that are connected by an ultra-soft hook and loop fastener. Simply open the flaps to expose baby’s chest and belly for skin-to-skin connection that doesn’t require getting them fully undressed. The bamboo/cotton/spandex blend is nearly as soft as their skin itself and the convenient elastic at the waistband makes diaper changing a breeze.

Ready to snuggle? Check out Bonsie’s skin-to-skin baby clothes and stock up!

Bonsie footie


With three sizes that fit newborns to six months, Bonsie footies make the ideal outfit for the earliest days.

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