Best brands for size 00000 baby clothing for premature babies

The best brands to shop size 00000 for your preemie bundle of joy.

When babies are born prematurely, life can quickly be filled with equal amounts of chaos and joy. 

One of the stressful factors can be feeling unprepared for a bundle of joy even smaller than you expected – and the last thing you want is to waste time struggling to find clothes that will actually fit your baby properly, keeping them cosy and safe.

So, we’ve trawled the internet to find the best brands that stock size 00000 premature baby clothing, so even the smallest of bubs can be wrapped up in clothes as stylish as they are comfy.

Images: Amazon.

Amazon are well known for stocking everything from A to Z, and within that immense range is a great collection of clothing for all ages – and amongst all those garments is a treasure trove of premature baby clothes from top brands including Bonds and Babyushka. You can head to their baby clothing and shoes section to see everything on offer for bubs of all sizes too.

We love the Babyushka Organic Shibori Short Sleeve Kimono Romper, $14.78 (size 00000-1) and the Babyushka Grey Bear Organic Long Sleeve Kimono Jumpsuit, $16.83 (size 00000-1).

View Amazon’s full premature baby range here

Images: Bonds.

Bonds’ quality, cosy designs are available in size 00000, providing you with plenty of baby basics that will keep your little one’s wardrobe well stocked. From bodysuits, coveralls and leggings to baby underwear and sleepwear, all bases are covered.

We love the Wonderbodies Bodysuit 2-pack, $26.95 (size 00000-3), Wondercool Eyelet Singletsuit 2-pack, $29.95 (size 00000-2).

View the full Bonds premature baby range here

Images: Purebaby.

Purebaby is an Aussie-owned company that creates beautiful organic clothing for babies and kids, which means every piece is super soft and comfortable. They have a designated premie range for babies weighing between 1kg and 4kg (sizes 0000000 to 00000) that is filled with all the essentials, from singlets and growsuits to booties and hats.

We love the Premie Crossover Growsuit, $29.95, and the Premie Zip Growsuit, $29.95.

View Purebaby’s full premature baby range here

Images: Baby Bunting.

As one of the largest baby retailers in Australia, it’s natural that Baby Bunting stocks baby clothing to suit preemies. In fact, by filtering their babywear range by size, you can even find sizes down to 000000 and 0000000. They offer a good range of very cute size 00000 clothes from bodysuits to beanies in a variety of colours, prints and patterns.

We love the Bilbi Butterfly Set 5-Pack, $29 (size 00000-00) and the Bilbi Llama Set 5-Pack, $29 (size 00000-00).

View Baby Bunting’s full premature baby range here

Images: Best&Less.

Basics are all well and good, but if you want some fun and colourful prints for your baby, Best&Less have a huge range of babywear that will brighten your day. According to their size guide, “Tiny Premature” is size 0000000, “Premature” is size 000000, and “Tiny Baby” is size 00000.

We love the Baby Starter pack, $20 (size 00000-3 months) and the Baby Terry Romper, $10 (size 00000-24 months).

View the full Best&Less premature baby range here

Images: Seed Heritage.

If you’re after a slightly more upmarket (but still fairly affordable) wardrobe for baby, Seed Heritage have a very chic range of Baby Zipsuits and Organic Footed Leggings available in size 00000. With cosy brushed jersey and cotton materials and stylish designs, they’d make for great gifts, too.

We love the Koala Zipsuit, $39.95 (size 00000-1) and Floral Onesie, $39.95 (size 00000-1).

View the full Seed Heritage premature baby range here

Images: Etsy.

Get your baby a wardrobe as unique as they are with the wide range of custom-made items available on Etsy. With cheeky slogans, personalised name onesies, printed harem pants, linen rompers and more, there’s plenty of options to choose from.

We love the Due Dates Are Dumb Preemie Onesie, $24.64 (size 00000-24 months), and Tiny But Mighty Preemie Romper, $25.50 (size 00000-2).

View the full Etsy premature baby range here

Images: The Iconic.

The Iconic also stock a decent range of size 00000 options from a number of great baby brands (including Bonds and Purebaby), and they come with the added bonus of fast shipping if you need something last-minute.

We love the Bebe by Minihaha Millie LS Frill Zip Romper, $44.95 (size 00000-1) and the Bebe by Minihaha Safari Short Sleep Romper, $27.95 (size 00000-1).

View The Iconic’s full premature baby range here

What size does 00000 fit?

Size 00000 clothing is designed to fit small or premature babies weighing about 2kg, and measuring less than 55cm in length.

How do you wash preemie clothes?

You should always wash baby clothes before your little one gets to wear them – to ensure they’re as clean as possible. Use a gentle or cool wash cycle to avoid damaging the clothes, and use a laundry bag to avoid particularly small items like socks getting lost inside the machine. Softener isn’t required, but you should use a gentle, unscented detergent (or only very lightly scented) to avoid irritating your baby’s skin.

To make sure your preemie clothes last as long as possible, check the specific washing instructions on the garment label. 

What clothes do you need for a newborn?

Your newborn’s wardrobe can be fairly basic at first. We’d recommend stocking up on singlets (especially singlet suits that won’t ride up!), onesies and growsuits, sleep bags, wraps, socks and hats. For more detail, read up on the best newborn essentials.

This article was originally published on July 15, 2020 and was updated on November 2, 2020.

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