Best Amazon Essentials Kids Toddler Baby Clothing for Summer Camp

amazon essentials best kids summer clothing


It’s said with love, but it’s undeniable: Kids are the ultimate clothing monsters. They grow, get messy (really messy), lose stuff, and can be downright fickle — obsessed with something one week, then steadfastly refusing to wear it the next. Add in popsicles and ice cream cones, summer camps and sleepovers, and this season is the danger zone.

The fashion-mom hack I’ve been thrilled to find comes via Amazon Essentials, the e-tailer’s private brand of basics. While everyone in the family is covered (it has some great women’s pieces), the kids’ items are where I’ve done most of my clicking this season.

From basic tees and shorts to bright dresses and cute, inexpensive swimsuits that won’t make me cry if they’re accidentally tossed in the dryer, it’s a one-stop shop.

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Baby Girls’ One-Piece Swimsuit

Pool, sprinkler, beach, water table—you can never have too many swimsuits on-hand during the steamy months. The prints on offer like this are cute, and the price point makes it palatable if it gets destroyed.


Boys’ Pocket Short-Sleeve T-Shirts, 5-Pack

A five-pack of t-shirts is just plain smart (bonus: it’s easy to find print-and-slogan mixes that are unisex). Even if one isn’t a winner with your picky dresser, there’s guaranteed to be something they’ll love wearing.


Kids’ Knit Fashion Sneaker

No one is rougher on their sneakers than a busy kid. From summer camp activities to general dirt and grime, there’s a pretty fair chance a replacement is in order. This style-conscious pair looks good without breaking the bank.


Toddler Girls’ Active Running Short, Pack of 2

These super-light shorts are a go-to in our household for summer camp days, weekend errands, or as a quick bathing suit coverup. They take style cues from Mom or Dad’s running shorts, too — a boon if you have a mini-me on your hands.

Already lost your second pair of sandals this summer? Strategize with a wallet-friendly pair that looks just as cool as whatever they’re asking for (and arrives super quickly with Prime delivery).


Boys’ Active Performance Mesh Basketball Gym Shorts, 2-Pack

Long and breezy, old-school basketball shorts are a classic summertime favorite. Make sure your mid-season stock is refreshed to see you through the first day of school.


Unisex Babies’ Short-Sleeve Bodysuits, Pack of 7

If you’ve got a tiny one at home during the summer, onesies are the sort of thing you fly through, period. And you’re apt to fill the laundry quicker if you’re spending extra time outside or around messy older siblings.


Boys’ UPF 50+ Short-Sleeve Swim Shirt

Sun shirts with built-in resistance are smart when rays are at their strongest (and let you relax a bit from did-I-miss-a-spot? worry). The quick-dry fabric and SPF 50 protection of this pack is great for water fun but works on dry land too.


Girls’ Cart-Wheel Short, Pack of 5

I love an adorable dress or shirt-and-skirt set with the best of them, but there’s no beating a pair of biker shorts if I know my daughter will be busy on the playground.


Boys’ Short-Sleeve T-Shirts, Pack of 5

At this point in the season you’ve likely already lost more than a few items for good. Take inventory, and re-up on any basics if your stock has dwindled (and, let’s be real, they can always use more t-shirts).

Whether you’re planning suitcases for a beach vacation with family or noticing that your child’s normal shoes keep coming home soggy, it might be time to spring for a pair of made-for-H2O shoes.


Boys’ Uniform Woven Flat-Front Shorts, Pack of 3

School require a uniform? Another super handy aspect of Amazon Essentials is the range of classic dress-code picks on offer. Update your kiddo’s closet now and get prepped for the school year.

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