Bali-Inspired Sustainable Baby Apparel and Accessories Brand Leaves a Baby-Sized Carbon Footprint

Two Children Wearing Ruby and Poe

Children Pictured in Eco-Friendly Clothing by Ruby and Poe

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Founder Cherry Saraswati pictured with her daughter.

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Leaves Utilized For Plant-Based Dyes

Bali-inspired brand Ruby and Poe seeks to reduce the carbon footprint of the fashion industry by implementing sustainable, ethical processes.

The concept of an earth and people-first brand inspired native Balinese mother Cherry Saraswati to create eco-friendly baby clothing and accessories brand Ruby and Poe.”

— Cherry Saraswati

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, July 7, 2021 / — The fashion industry is arguably one of the largest and influential industries in the world, but it’s lasting global impact has also made it one of the biggest polluters. Over the last several years, the topic of sustainability and how to adopt more eco-friendly practices has been at the forefront of discussion industry-wide. The use of chemical dyes and the amount of toxic waste produced by factories has steadily increased as a result of overproduction. This call to action spans from mass market brands to small businesses. As consumers become more aware of what and how they choose to purchase, a new environmental standard is being established.

The concept of an earth and people-first brand inspired Cherry Saraswati, a native Balinese mother with a deep admiration for the earth and its inhabitants, to create eco-friendly baby clothing and accessories brand Ruby and Poe. As a new mother, Cherry wanted to ensure that her baby was not only comfortable, but safe in the clothing she wore. She began researching baby brands and visiting local retail shops, where she quickly realized that there were few options for sustainably-made clothes that helped her baby’s skin stay clean and clear. Driven by her passion for clothing and sustainability and her quest to find infant and earth-safe apparel, Ruby & Poe was born. Today, the company utilizes only the highest quality plant-based dyes and ultra-low impact fabrics.

Growing up in Bali, Cherry strongly believed that children have the right to inherit a liveable planet and that it is our responsibility to protect, nurture, and preserve it. As a native of Bali, Cherry imagined an environmentally conscious brand that embodied the green-focused spirit of her Baliense culture by focusing on the reduction of our negative footprint on the Earth. With this goal in mind, every Ruby and Poe product is handmade and delivered with 100% recyclable packaging. All products made by Ruby and Poe are made from tencel (bamboo), known for its super soft hand and antimicrobial properties, as well as from other biodegradable and compostable natural fibers. Each piece of clothing is certified non-toxic and made with 100% plant-dyes so no harsh chemicals are utilized.

In an effort to spread the word to future generations, a portion of Ruby and Poe’s proceeds are dedicated to youth environmental education. Fueled by her love for her own daughter, Cherry seeks to spread her message of the importance of sustainable living to other mothers and their children around the world.

Cherry and her team believe that everyone can make an effort to help the environment by being smart and selective with how, where, and who they choose to buy from. Shopping from brands like Ruby and Poe directly contributes to a brighter future for our planet and its inhabitants.

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