Baby Yoda merch: Celebrate Star Wars day with toys, plushes and clothes

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May the 4th (aka Star Wars Day) is here yet again, and what better way to celebrate the galaxy far, far away than with a whole lot of Baby Yoda? There are more cool toys, games and gadgets than ever that feature Grogu (aka The Child, aka Baby Yoda), the diminutive and adorable Force-wielder who has now stolen our hearts over two seasons of “The Mandalorian.”

Whether you want to build your own Baby Yoda out of Legos, have him cradle your Amazon Echo Dot or even get a plush toy version of the character for your dog, there’s a piece of Grogu merch for you. We’ve handpicked some favorites of ours from around the web — as an added bonus, you can get many of these on sale for Star Wars Day without having to do any shady haggling with Jabba the Hutt.

‘The Mandalorian’ Stand for Amazon Echo Dot ($24.95;

OtterBox is finally issuing an update to its popular Grogu-themed stand for the Echo Dot. This time around, the plastic stand supports the latest spherical fourth-generation Echo Dot. And yes, that extends to the Dot with Clock and Kids Edition. It’s still using a plastic build to slightly raise the Echo Dot and to wrap around the sides and back — this way it doesn’t block the front-firing speakers of the Echo Dot or the display on the clock variant. You also retain full access to the ports on the dock. Your Echo Dot (and therefore Alexa) will live happily in between Grogu’s ears. You can preorder the “Mandalorian” Stand for Amazon Echo Dot now on Amazon.

‘Star Wars’ The Child Phone and Controller Holder ($21.99, originally $24.99;

Grogu often lends a helping hand to The Mandalorian (when he’s not causing mischief, at least), and with this handy accessory from Cable Guy, the mini Force-wielder can do the same for you in real life. This cute 8-inch Baby Yoda statue is designed to serve as a stand for your phone or gaming controller for those times when you need a break from an important mission.

Star Wars: Squadrons ($19.99, originally $39.99;

Star Wars: Squadrons is one of our favorite video games of 2020, delivering thrilling and cinematic space battles that let you pilot iconic ships such as the X-wing and TIE fighter. It’s also a great pick for fans of “The Mandalorian,” as you can unlock a Baby Yoda bobblehead that will make the interior of your New Republic starship look that much more adorable. You can also add a model of Mando’s Razor Crest spaceship and an IG-series assassin from the show to your cockpit, but let’s be real: You’re here for The Child.

Polaroid Originals Now i-Type Camera ’The Mandalorian’ Edition ($111, originally $119;

The latest twist on the classic Polaroid is swapping a plastic build for one made out of beskar — well, let’s say plastic made to look like beskar. And that’s exactly what the camera brand did with the i-Type Camera “Mandalorian” Edition. With a gray-and-black colorscape adorned with a mythosaur skull, it feels like a tool that Mando might just keep in his arsenal. Best of all, the photo paper features custom frames themed to the show.

The Child Bluetooth Speaker ($14.29, originally $19.99;

This pint-sized Baby Yoda isn’t just cute, but it’s also highly functional as a Bluetooth speaker. This Bitty Boomer is just 2 inches tall with an up-firing speaker that delivers solid tunes. You can rock out to the Cantina Song or maybe just a playlist of classics by John Williams; we won’t judge either way, but Baby Yoda might.

Hasbro Animatronic Baby Yoda ($54.99;

Ever since The Child debuted during season one of “The Madanlorian,” it’s safe to say we’ve all wanted a child of our own. Hasbro made that happen with the animatronic Child. At slightly over 7 inches tall, this Baby Yoda moves, bats its eyes and even coos. It can raise its left arm to wield the Force, just like in the show, and even reacts to touch. At $59.99, it’s an incredibly accurate toy and one that will warm your heart.

Lego BrickHeadz ‘Star Wars’ The Mandalorian and Child Kit ($19.79; and

This adorable 295-piece Lego set includes 3-inch-tall figures of both Mando (with his blaster rifle and pistol) and Grogu (in his spherical carrier). The blocky BrickHeadz style of everyone’s favorite duo will make for a unique decoration in any kid’s (or adult’s) bedroom. And because there are two figures to build, it’s the perfect set for parents and kids to construct together, or you can make one while your partner or bestie builds the other.

Lego Razor Crest ($129.99; and

While we can’t pilot the Razor Crest (The Mandalorian and Grogu’s ship), this 1,023-piece set from Lego is the next best thing. It’s accurate to the show, with two main engines, a raised cockpit and storage for welcomed (or rather, not-so-welcomed) Carbonite visitors. And it comes with a Mandalorian minifigure and an extra mini Baby Yoda minifigure. You can proudly display one of the toughest ships in the galaxy in your space or run away with it as you embark on a galactic adventure. If you want a not-so-mini Baby Yoda, check out this nearly life-size buildable model from Lego.

Baby Yoda Funko Pop ($8.78, originally $10.99;

You truly can’t go wrong with the original Baby Yoda Funko Pop. It’s perfect for your desk, a nightstand, your kitchen counter or even beside a TV on a cabinet. It’s accurate to the show with big ears, and the arm is posed as if Grogu is using the Force. It’s a bobblehead, and it’s on sale for May the 4th!

‘Star Wars’ The Child in Carriage Plush Toy ($12.95;

Why should humans have all the fun with Baby Yoda toys? This Buckle Down plush features Grogu in his signature floating carriage — a spherical mini ship that’s perfect for an afternoon game of fetch. Buckle Down’s The Child toy is made from nonabrasive felt designed to keep your puppy’s teeth safe — not to mention it has a squeaker inside like any good dog toy should.

The Child Plush in Zen Pose Mini Beanbag ($16.99;

We can all use a moment of Zen after the past year, and this Baby Yoda plush will provide just that. The 50-year-old is striking a pose that doesn’t just scream serenity now but shows that he is also one with the Force. Might he be pinging a certain Jedi for help or maybe just searching for his next bowl of soup? This mini beanbag is plush and tiny at 7 inches tall. And if a Zen pose isn’t your style, ShopDisney has a few others to pick from.

The Child Build-A-Bear ($44;

Build-A-Bear’s take on Baby Yoda doesn’t just have the big ears and gazing eyes to match, but it’s also super plush. We can confirm that it’s super cozy, as we’ve tested it. It goes a step further with movable arms to let The Child use the Force. You can even pair Baby Yoda with a sound, like the “Mandalorian” theme song or a pram, aka the floating metal circle that Mando moves him around in, to keep him safe.

‘Star Wars’ The Child Naps and Snacks Doodles T-Shirt ($22.99;

You’d be hard-pressed to find a “Star Wars” fan who can’t relate to this adorable Grogu doodle shirt. The miniature Force-wielder just wants to eat, sleep and play, which is what a lot of us will be doing while we binge on our favorite “Star Wars” shows and movies on May 4. This cute cotton shirt comes in black, navy and dark heather gray, so you can grab the one that best matches your Jedi attire.

‘Star Wars’ May The 4th Be With You 2021 The Child T-Shirt ($22.99;

Of course Baby Yoda is the mascot for Star Wars Day 2021, and this shirt celebrates all things “Star Wars.” Adorned with the Star Wars Day 2021 logo and on your choice of cotton in a plethora of colors, this shirt gives you the power to pick the best option for you.

The Child Spirit Jersey for Dogs ($32.99;

Fun fact: Spirit jerseys are just as cozy on dogs as they are on Ewoks. And this Baby Yoda-themed spirit jersey is perfect for the puppy in your life. With The Child in block letters and a photo of everyone’s favorite right below, it’s the perfect pairing for a day at the dog park or while you punch the hyperdrive to escape the Empire.

Boy’s 2-Piece Baby Yoda T-Shirt and Jogger Pant Set ($19.99;

Is your child also a fan of the Child? If so, this jogger set is perfect for them. Available in children’s sizes ranging from 12 months to 7 years, this package includes a T-shirt with an adorable Baby Yoda drawing as well as a pair of sweatpants that reads “the Force is strong with this child.” It’s a perfect fit for any aspiring Padawan.