“Baby Out Of Wedlock” Wins Third Award As Unmarried Parenting Trend Accelerates

NEW YORK, Oct. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Baby Out Of Wedlock is the only guidebook written specifically to help this growing group of parents. The authors aim to answer every question a mother or father has in this situation, leading to less conflict, lower legal bills, and better outcomes for the child. Download our Media Kit: https://www.babyoutofwedlock.com/media

40% of births = ~1,500,000 babies born-out-of-wedlock
85% of abortions = ~600,000 abortions

That’s over 4,000,000 parents a year who are confused, divided, and considering abortion or headed into a needless custody battle. By comparison, there are only ~800,000 divorces a year.

“Skillfully outlines how to prepare for and raise a child out of wedlock.”
Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review) 

  • Winner 2021 Gold Award, Readers’ Favorite
  • Winner 2021 1st place, CIPA EVVY Awards  
  • Winner 2021 Gold Award, Literary Titan 

“Pregnancy centers are using the book as a tool to help some women considering abortion gain the confidence they need to choose life,” the authors say. “Father support groups say the men they work with are using the guidance we provide to be better dads. Parental alienation experts tell us this book can prevent alienation before it begins.”

The book and website, BabyOutofWedlock.com, cover issues such as:

  • Paternity tests, child support calculations, visitation rights, decision-making rights
  • Custody litigation, legal documents, timelines, evidence gathering, attorney fees
  • Strategies for keeping legal costs down and avoiding repeated trips to court
  • Dealing with high-conflict or narcissistic co-parents
  • Life changes such as a new job, relocation, remarriage, etc.

How many doomed marriages begin with a surprise pregnancy and end with a predictable divorce?” asks Jessica Braz. “How many parental alienation cases start as baby-out-of-wedlock situations? How many abortions are the result of simply not understanding the basics of single parenting? It’s all such a shame and so preventable with just a little education.” 

“This book would have saved me over $150,000 in legal fees and countless nights of lost sleep if I had read it when my first child was born,” says Jim Braz.


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