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Your first born is on the way and you’re trying to figure out what you’re actually going to need for their arrival. You may have the big items picked out like a car seat or crib, but those smaller items can really add up and be overwhelming to sift through.

Just ask mom of three, Katherin Creighton-Taylor. “With the first, you feel like you have to get everything. You have a baby shower and people give you things they no longer need and things they think you want,” she says. “Ultimately, across all three babies, there are only a few things I’ve consistently used.”

Creighton-Taylor, who’s also a professional organizer with Decantt Organized Living recognizes the challenge of battling “baby clutter” in the home.

Here are a six things you will need once you bring your newborn home.


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Three baby receiving blankets in forest green, taupe and light grey

Need something to shade your baby in the backseat? Put one of these up in the window. Feeling a bit chilly outside? Tuck one of these blankets around your little one. You’ll want a receiving blanket in every room of the house and make sure you grab one or two when you venture outside with your newborn. These hard working blankets are true to their name–soft–gender-neutral and come in a generous size.



six burp clothes in grey and white patterns

You’ll need burp clothes in every room of the house too! These burp cloths are absorbent and wash well–an important factor when on the receiving end of a spit up.


Double breast pump set

Breastfeeding can be challenging at the start and you may be encouraged to pump to build up the milk supply. Plus, you can freeze the milk for middle of the night bottles. This double pump is electric and thus, saves your hand from cramping. It’s also customizable and offers three pumping styles.

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This more affordable single electric breast pump adopts a simple design and contains a rechargeable battery.



A set of four Dr Brown's bottles

There are so many bottle options on the market. It may take some trial and error before you find the right one for your baby. These Brown’s bottles are a mom favourite!


A sling can buy you some hands-free time while your baby will love the snug feeling of being close to you with this wrap. “A good carrier that’s ergonomic is helpful. There can be times of the day when you’re doing something or picking up other kids and it really helps,” says Creighton-Taylor.

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Baby Bjorn infant carrier

Or this carrier is perfect for the first year…after which, you may just be chasing your baby more than carrying them.



Baby change pad with safety belt

Washable and/or wipeable–that’s what you’re looking for in a changing pad given the messes its about to see. This pad comes with a belt for extra peace of mind when you’re wrestling the diaper onto your child.


UPPAbaby Vista stroller with bassinett

A good stroller can help make newborn life slightly easier–especially if yours has a bassinet for baby to sleep in after you return from your walk. “You want one that’s easy to manoeuvre, even with one hand, and it has a huge basket on bottom of the stroller,” says Creighton-Taylor.On the higher end, this stroller is one to put on your registry because it grows as your family does–its add-on accessories lets you transport as many as three children.

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This more affordable stroller also lets you take your car seat out of the car and snap it into the stroller for quick grocery trips.


Grey baby bath insert shaped like a whale

It can be stressful giving baby a bath–particularly if they don’t love the water! However a good baby bath helps make the process slightly easier because you know baby will be secure. This tub is made of quick-drying mesh and is another product that grows with baby, taking it from the newborn stage to the sitting or 6 months+ age.

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