Baby Gear for Dads: 36 Essentials for New Parents, from Car Seats to Diaper Bags

Searching for the best baby gear for dads? You’re in the right place. Welcome to Stylish Dad Week, GQ Recommends’ celebration of the people and products that make dad style more than a punchline. Whether you’re looking for non-corny dad shoes, parenting gear the experts swear by, or are just trying to land on an excellent gift idea ahead of Father’s Day, we’ve got all the thoughts, takes, and, yes, recommendations you need to toast dear old pops—or jack his inimitable swagger—like you’ve got a squadron of rugrats tugging at your shirttails.

Fatherhood requires so much freaking gear (from strollers to carriers to diaper bags to car seats, the list of requisites for keeping a child alive and healthy is endless), that it can be headache for any new dad or parent to wade through it all to determine what’s actually worth it and what’s just a genius marketing ploy softened by a two-syllable, cutesy brand name. All too often, that car seat you spent hours researching and price-evaluating online before taking the plunge will be outgrown by your growing tot in a matter of months. Or worse, it doesn’t comfortably fit to begin with. Every baby’s different, and while we can’t take the guesswork out of what will assuredly work for yours, we can wholeheartedly recommend the following products we’ve earnestly road-tested and yielded nothing but positive results from.

In this carefully-vetted list of the best baby gear for dads, we’ve purposefully selected items that will grow with them from the newborn to toddler eras, without you needing to shuffle them out for something else or foist them onto your neighbors with kids. From the lay-flat inflatable beds that can help your toddler get a taste for first-class living to the gadgets that will make your life a little (OK, a lot) easier, we’ve got all the categories that matter covered. Perfect for Father’s Day gifts or any new parent who’s studying up on top-tier baby products, these are some of our favorite essentials. We also threw in some fun stuff—like a child-sized McLaren car—because, hey, you’ve gotta enjoy the journey, too.

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