Baby food company Tiny Organics raises $11m to help ‘rewrite’ American diet

The funding, announced today and led by Springdale Ventures and supported by more than a dozen others, will help Tiny Organics expand the reach of its unique approach to baby led weaning that introduces children to their first 100 flavors through frozen meals that can be customized to meet babies’ nutritional needs.

The money also will advance Tiny Organics’ work as a founding member of Partnership for a Healthier America’s ‘Shaping Early Palates’ initiative, which is focused on ensuring children consume the recommended daily amount of vegetables through the recently launched ‘Veggies Early & Often’ campaign.

Breaking children’s sugar addiction

While lower-sugar, vegetable-forward baby food options are becoming more prevalent on store shelves or available direct-to-consumer, the category is still overwhelmingly dominated by fruit-heavy options that Tiny Organics’ co-founder Betsy Fore says perpetuate – rather than break – the sugar addiction with which babies are born.

“We always say that babies are born to a sugar addiction. A mother’s breast milk is already sweet, and then when you compound that with the first foods being typically a fruit puree here in the United States, the a child develops very early on a very sweet palate that can take them through all childhood,”​ and hinder their ability to like savory and bitter foods and vegetables, she explained.

“What’s so cool about what we’re building is that it’s actually tapping into when the palate is being shaped. So the age of four to seven months is a period in a baby’s life called the flavor window where more than any point in their entire life they are keen to try new flavors. And so, for us, if that new flavor can be a vegetable and then we can continue to introduce those vegetables, the child actually then prefers vegetables and so there is no reason for these sugary purees,”​ Fore added.