Baby Bank Partners with Boone County CASA and Planet Fitness to Distribute Baby Supplies | Community Calendar

BELVIDERE (WREX) — Baby Bank partnered with Boone County CASA and Planet Fitness to distribute baby supplies to people in Belvidere.

The two-day open house event at Zion Lutheran Church serviced 40 families, just a few of the hundreds of families they will be supporting during the holidays.

“Today was our first official day of the two-day open house we are doing this month,” said Anna Pivoras, the president of ‘The Baby Bank.’ “We are so thankful to the CASA for volunteering and helping with the distribution.”

Due to lack of storage space in their facility, Boone County CASA created this collaboration to house products people donated to kids. Education Coordinator, Karen Olsen, at CASA said working with an organization like this makes events like this worthwhile.

“Moms and especially mothers that are struggling can’t always afford those things and there are places that do not even offer those kinds of services,” Olsen said.

“Often when we get donations, we don’t have anywhere to put them so finally finding a place to have our donations and partner with them is amazing.”

One thing a lot of people don’t know is that those who take advantage of SNAP benefits do not get diapers. Every few months the Baby Bank works with ALDI supermarket and receives over 1,000 diapers, which is plenty to give away to needing families.

Another way people can support the event is through a local Planet Fitness in Belvidere. People can stop by the ‘Giving Tree’ purchase a bag of items and all the items are directly donated to the Baby Bank. 

One parent, Alexis Purifoy, who visited the Baby Bank said having initiatives in the community helps her not only financially but mentally and emotionally.

“I definitely appreciate it and I am glad that we have resources like this in the community, I admire what they are doing here,” Purifoy said. “I was able to get cute blankets, clothes, diapers and other items for my kids.”

The last day of the Bank Bank open house will be tomorrow, December 17th from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. but the collaboration will last until January 3rd, 2023.

If anyone is interested in volunteering or donating you can call, Anna Pivoras at (815) – 901 – 4966.