Anti-abortion groups mobilize to provide pregnancy, parenting support

Anti-abortion groups mobilize to provide pregnancy, parenting support

Two days after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, the Rev. Norman K. Douglas, like many other religious leaders, spoke about abortion from his pulpit at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Parish in Akron.

He read a statement from Bishop Edward Malesic of the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland, which applauded the ruling and listed resources for new and expecting parents. Douglas then added his own message about the need to advocate for policies like universal health care, paid parental leave and the continuation of enhanced child tax credits.

“The key from our point of view, too, is we got to make sure that we’re not only concerned about a baby being born, but we’re concerned about the family and we’re concerned about the help that people get after the baby’s born,” Douglas told the Beacon Journal. “If we’re going to show we’re pro-life through everything, we need to encourage our people to vote in these ways.”

Diapers are available for expecting parents at Embrace Clinic and Care Center in Barberton. The center provides supplies and support for parents.

As those who oppose abortion embrace and celebrate a post-Roe future, many say they also are working to provide services to individuals experiencing unplanned pregnancies who can no longer obtain an abortion legally in Ohio. Roughly 20,600 abortions were performed in Ohio in 2020, according to data from the Ohio Department of Health.

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