Amid report finding high levels of toxic metals in baby food, pediatrician recommends small adjustments

“If parents have a brand of baby food in their cabinet, they don’t need to throw it out.”

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — A new report that found high levels of toxic metals in popular baby foods has some parents worried. 

The toxic metals and arsenic were found during a congressional investigation in products from companies like Gerber and Beech Nut Nutrition. 

One pediatrician said there’s no need for parents to feel guilty and quick adjustments can help improve your baby’s diet. 

With two kids, local mom Amber Tramontana has spent a lot of time researching how to keep them safe and healthy. “Parents want transparency,” she said. 

Especially when it comes to feeding them the right foods. 

“You think you know all you need to know about baby foods then a new report comes out,” said Tramontana. “As parents and moms we just want to do what’s best for our children.”

Pediatrician Dr. Kristy Carter said while it’s a new headline, it’s not a new issue. “It does make some nice sensational headlines but is not necessarily a cause for concern.”

She said it’s almost impossible to avoid toxic metals.

“They get into our food because the food grows in the ground. This is not something new,” said Carter. “We’re all exposed to heavy metals everyday. They’re in the crust of the earth and environment.”

Not overexposing your child is what’s most important.

“If parents have a brand of baby food in their cabinet, they don’t need to throw it out; they can give it to their child. Just make sure there’s a variety there.”

She suggests mixing up snacks with grains, oatmeal or quinoa and adding in a variety of fruits and veggies.

“Making sure they’re getting different colors of vegetables, some root vegetables some not,” said Carter. 

Most importantly, she urges parents to understand they’re doing a good job.