A Swiss Couple Named Their Baby After Their Internet Provider – SheKnows

We’ve seen some pretty, um, unique baby names since the pandemic began. First, there were the twins born during lockdown named Covid and Corona. And then there was the baby boy whose parents, let’s say creatively, decided to name their little one Sanitiser. (Sensing a theme here?) And now, offering further proof that no baby name is too wacky for 2020, comes news of a Swiss couple who named their newborn after their internet provider.

Let’s back up really quick. The internet provider, Twifi, has been running a promotion (an evil genius promotion, if we may) that promises customers free WiFi for 18 years — if they name their child Twifia or Twifius. Really, all customers have to do is upload a photo of their child’s birth certificate — and bam — 18 years of free service with Twifi.   

For a couple living in Graubünden, this was a no-brainer deal, and they happily gave their newborn daughter the middle name ‘Twifia’. The father of baby Twifia commented, “There are much worse names. And the more often we say ‘Twifia,’ the heartier the name sounds!” according to a translation on People. Additionally, the couple has said they’re planning on putting aside the money they save on Internet for their daughter to use in the future. Which is, nice? “She can use it to take a driving test or buy a car,” they said.

Worse baby names? Sure. (See above re: Covid and Corona.) But we can’t definitively say this is any better. Whether this was, in fact, a smart move on the parents’ part, we’re not in a position to say. WiFi can be expensive. And on the bright side: It’s only a middle name.

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