A mother and baby’s disappearance has a family member fearing the worst

SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio woman is hoping for the safe return of her niece and 18-month-old great-nephew after the two disappeared last month.

San Antonio police said Dlanny Chairez,20, and her son James Avi Chairez, were last seen in the 7600-block of West Military Drive.

Mariesol Gomez said she has tried constantly contacting Chairez but has not received a response.

“She left everything behind,” Gomez said. “It was all in drawers and on the floor. James’s clothes, diapers and toys. Everything.”

Gomez said she has been in their lives since the beginning, even being there for the birth of James.

“He is just the happiest little baby,” Gomez said. “He is a really beautiful boy. He loves being outside. I just miss him so much. I miss seeing him trying to walk,” she said through tears.

She said Chairez is a quiet woman that typically stays to herself and that she is a great mom.


“Dlanny was a very good mom to him,” Gomez said. “Showed love to him. Cared for him. Fed him and made sure he always had everything in his diaper bag.”

San Antonio police said the mother and son were last seen on Feb. 22.

“I would like to find her and make sure she is fine and get the answers I need to see where the baby is,” Gomez said. “I am not saying I love her anymore or any less but my concern it to find him. He is helpless. My mind races with different scenarios. As anybody who doesn’t have answers. The uncertainties keep me up.”

Gomez said even though she fears the worst-case scenario, she is hoping for the best.

“I want to make sure James is safe and that she is safe and that if she got herself into some kind of bind, there is help out there,” Gomez said. “Like I’ve always extended help to her.”


Gomez is currently working with multiple organizations including KJ’s Angels to spread awareness about her family.

San Antonio police did not confirm if their disappearance is suspicious or not, but they are asking anyone with any information about their whereabouts to contact SAPD Missing Persons Unit at (210) 207-7660.

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