A look at: Totsi Bibs and Baby Accessories

As a parent, you want what’s best for your little one. From the larger furniture items to the small clothing pieces, their comfort and safety is your priority. One of the struggles that many face, is finding bibs that are comfortable, well-fitted and ethical – while also looking utterly adorable of course! Which is where we want to introduce you to Totsi. Totsi is a family-run business based in the heart of East Yorkshire,  with a focus on making the journey through parenthood a little easier with their range of drool-busting dribble bibs and accessories. 

Totsi bibs and accessories

How did Totsi come about?

Totsi was founded under the premise of making the lives of parents of weaning babies easier. The founders drew on their own experience as shoppers for babies, finding there was a gap in the market for affordable, high-quality dribble bibs that did not reflect gender stereotypes of more old-world thinking. There was a distinct lack of choice and styles, with everything in either pink, white or blue. Finding bibs that were fun, interesting or just more gender-neutral was a challenge. Totsi prides itself on being a progressive and forward-thinking company and its extensive range of bibs and weaning accessories reflect just that.

Totsi Bibs and accessories

What different bibs does Totsi offer?

The main types of bibs that Totsi offer are their dribble bibs and their weaning bibs.

Totsi Bibs and accessories

Dribble bibs:

Totsi’s dribble bibs are luxurious and beautifully made, designed to be soft for your baby. The outer layer is 100% cotton, while the bib itself is quilted and double-layered with popper buttons that allow room for growth. These bibs are ideal for babies right from when they are newborn until they are around three months. There are a host of stunning designs on their dribble bibs, from animal prints to rainbows, flowers, polka dots or plain colours. Each is carefully made to the highest quality and designed to last.

Weaning bibs:

Totsi’s weaning bibs are made from 100% waterproof silicone making them fantastic for not only catching those bits of food, crumbs and dribble, but also for cleaning up after. They can be wiped and washed, or simply popped in the dishwasher. These bibs can also be rolled up and taken anywhere and are easy to slip into your handbag or change bag when they are eating on the go or when you head out to a restaurant. There are a host of beautiful styles and patterns and each is made from a soft, premium-quality silicone.

What do we love about Totsi?

There are so many things that we here at Seen in the City love about Totsi. 

Totsi Bibs and accessories

The high quality of the bibs

One of the main factors that really appeals is just how high quality each of the bibs is. We have never felt bibs that are so soft and well made, without being an extortionate price. 

The great price point

As soon as you feel the soft fabric you expect them to be at a much higher price point than they are, making it a great option for parents who want the best for their little ones but simply can’t afford to splash out huge amounts every time.

Their commitment to the environment

We also love the environmental pledge put forward by Totsi. They only use GOTS-certified organic cotton in the construction of the majority of their range and don’t use plastic in their packaging or products unless really necessary. They are constantly working on new ways to build a business that is as sustainable as possible.

Totsi Bibs and accessories

They’re parent (and baby!) recommended

Too often, products are designed for babies and children by someone who has no experience in who they are creating for. While an idea might sound great, unless you have experience or test your product on those it’s designed for, it might not work. You can tell these are designed by parents, for parents, making the product faultless. The dribble bibs are high quality and absorbent, while the weaning bibs are comfortable for the child to wear, easy for parents to pack and designed to last.

Where can I purchase Totsi bibs?

You can purchase Totsi bibs on their website here.