7 Hacks For New Parents

Traveling a long distance in a car with a newborn for the first time can be pretty stressful for new parents. My wife and I just finished our third 600-mile (one-way) trip from New York to the mountains of western North Carolina with our three-month-old baby girl. We have done this trip each month of her life. The first one was hell on wheels. There was poop, pee, spilled food, old milk, and crying – lots of crying (from all parties). That said, we have since figured a few things out. Here are seven tips for traveling with a newborn baby from new parents. 

Black Ford F-150 pulls an airstream camper trailer up a steep hill, beneath a bridge, trees visible in the background.
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Can you take a road trip with a newborn? 

Despite the endless trepidation and clear difficulty, you certainly can travel with a newborn baby. All it takes is a few little tricks, a plan, some flexibility, and, of course, an iron will. This last one is particularly important. While every baby is different, there are some things that are true about them all, and if you can keep these things in mind, the road trip begins to get easier with each trip. All babies want to feel secure, warm, and full. Start by having a good car seat that is secured properly.