5 Reasons Why Every Mother Should Opt For Organic Clothes For Their Babies

Harmful chemicals have found their way into every aspect of our lives. Clothing is no exception. But when it comes to baby clothing, it is important to ensure that you won’t be exposing your baby to any harsh, nasty chemicals. And every mother can do that by choosing organic baby clothes as brand-new baby skin deserves to be swaddled in soft, cozy, pesticide-free outfits. Plus, it’s an eco-friendly option for the planet. Also Read – Tips For Monsoon Skin Care For Babies Every Mother Should Follow

So regardless of the fact, where you are in your journey with the baby today, you will be keen to know how you can help protect the baby’s skin with organic baby clothes. Shikha Kumar, Co-founder, Nino Bambino sheds light on what kind of clothes your new-born should wear. Keep your ears just perk up and Read on! Also Read – Afghan Woman Inspires Others to Breastfeed 20 Newborns who Lost Their Mothers After Terror Attack in Kabul Maternity Hospital

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Babies are created naturally, so why add chemicals to them as they grow? Mainstream clothing is full of harmful chemicals, the chance for newborns to absorb harmful chemicals from their clothes is much higher. So it’s advisable to use organic clothing as it keeps baby’s skin free from these harsh chemicals. Because the skin of the newborn is delicate and sensitive and they are less tolerant to chemicals compared to adults.

It Lasts Longer

Unlike conventional cotton, organic cotton lasts longer. For example, instead of purchasing a new set of baby sleepsuits every month, one good quality sleepsuit will last for years. Besides, as a mum, you’re going to like the fact they’re easy to care for, and their durability makes them great to invest in given that no matter how often your baby stains them and you wash them, its primary shape and color remains the same.

Kinder to our planet

Mothers today should provide eco-friendly solutions for their family and reduce their footprint on the environment. Organic cotton farming methods are safe for the environment and put less stress on nature. It ensures farmers detoxify the land on which the crop is grown, use naturally valuable procedures like crop rotation and mechanical removal of weeds, and do not treat any of their seeds with fungicides. Moreover, it uses less energy and water.

Makers do matter

It’s estimated that 77 million agricultural workers suffer poisoning from pesticides each year growing conventional cotton, which can further lead to sorts of problems like infertility and cancer. By switching to eco-friendly clothing, we can be assured that the workers are not getting exposed to toxic chemicals that can be harmful to them and their families. Also, organic farming is certified so it’s fairly traded and regulated, which means for the workers there are fair working conditions with fair wage rights.

Peace of mind

Due to organic methods and materials, fair wages and inspections can be regulated as per the norms. The certified organic clothing, maybe just a slightly higher priced, but affordable when you buy from an authentic brand of organic clothing. Your baby will be able to sleep soundly thanks to the soft, breathable fabric, and as a mother, you will also rest easy knowing you’ve made a wise choice.


There’s nothing better than protecting your little ones while dressing them in the dynamic and soft material of organic clothing. Not only they are chic and affordable, but they’re better for your child’s skin and overall health. To further pamper and protect your little one, You’ll get the best of both worlds: earth-friendly and adorable.