5 basic baby gear you actually need

5 basic baby gear you actually need

Jan 31, 2022, 01:48 pm
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5 basic baby gear you actually need
Instead of spending on every baby gear, choose the ones you will actually need.

If you are stressing over having a newborn who will keep you on your toes 24*7, then you are not alone.

While a baby demands all your time and attention, there are a few things that you can do to make the job a little easier.

Here are five baby gear that you must have as new parents to make your life easy.

A good quality stroller or pram can make your evening walks much more easier and enjoyable with your baby.

Buy a pram with strong straps, smooth wheels, a wide base, and a secured harness to ensure that your baby is seated safely.

Also, make sure the pram has a storage basket to store the baby’s essential items as you head out stroller shopping.

A good baby carrier or wrap

A good quality baby carrier is extremely beneficial for new parents as it keeps the baby close to them without any baggage in their hands.

You can go about your household chores while wearing your baby.

Babywearing is also known to strengthen the bond between the baby and parents.

You can find baby carriers in different styles including wraps, backpacks, slings, and front packs.

A bath tub to make bath time easy

A baby bathtub will ensure bath time becomes easier for you and enjoyable for your little one.

A good quality bathtub comes with a defined headrest that keeps your baby’s head above the water level.

Many tubs also have a newborn sling, drain plug, and a digital thermometer. Buy a bathtub that is slip-resistant and will help your baby sit upright.

A good quality baby car seat is a must to ensure a safe ride for your little one. In fact, it is a must in several countries.

Invest in a rear-facing car seat with soft padding, a front-adjustment harness, and a five-point safety harness that is suitable for your infant’s weight.

Also, make sure you install the seat correctly as per instructions.

A good crib with a firm mattress

A crib is basically a small bed with high enclosing specially made for newborn babies.

A good quality crib ensures that your newborn is safe in the bed as they usually sleep for about 16 hours per day.

After purchasing the crib, don’t forget to buy a soft and firm mattress and a waterproof mattress cover that fits the crib perfectly.