28 Bookish Baby Clothes To Give Young Ones Literary Style

Have a baby in your life? Want to ensure they showcase their literary style from the moment they need threads in their life? Enter: bookish baby clothes.

I bet you didn’t know that the common word we use to talk about body suits for babies—it’s a word which begins with “one”—is trademarked by Gerber and thus, even though you know that this is a post about those, they’ll be referred to hereafter as body suits for babies.

I’ve stuck to bookish body suits for this post, even though there are other options for bookish baby clothes, including stand alone T-shirts and even some sweet pants. This is because the options for any of these feels endless, so I’ve got to make some kind of limitation.

Find below a roundup of rad bookish baby clothes that will make you envious of the little one’s style. Many of these come in a variety of colors and sizes.

Fun, Funny, and Clever Bookish Baby Clothes

Here’s to raising little book worms! $28.50.

For all of the littlest Winnie the Pooh fans. $28.50.

I’m pretty into this first edition body suit. $28.50.

Babies are indeed a plot twist. $16.

Susie’s work is among my favorite, and this bookworm in training body suit is awesome. $22.

A sweet library due date card body suit! $25.

Who doesn’t love big books? $25.

Perfect for your budding Shakespeare enthusiast. $28.50.

This clever body suit could be read a couple of different ways. $20.

A lovely stack of books on this one! $18.

A request that simply cannot be denied. $16.

Start ’em early on comics with this Spider-Man body suit. $15.

Cute little porcupine just wants to read! $16.

Me too, baby. $28.50.

Welcome the #NewestBookClubMember. $12.

Peter Rabbit enjoying a little carrot breakfast. $19.

Go wild with this Where The Wild Things Are body suit. $15.

Deck your future Avenger in a body suit and matching beanie. $23.

Black Panther fans unite. $15.

Teach even the youngest ones the value of the local library. $25.

If you love horror, why not include a Pennywise body suit in the baby’s wardrobe? $19.

Babies ARE like hungry caterpillars. $18.

Readers are leaders. $25.

How can you not want to help baby with this request? $12.

A bear delivery books by bike? Adorable. $22.

Reading IS cool. $17.50.

Empower the baby in your life with all kinds of knowledge. $17.50.

Last, but not least, never forget that diverse books matter. $25.