27 Best Diaper Bags in 2022 For Chic Parenting Style

Photographed by Brianna Lee Capozzi, Vogue, June/July 2021

Let’s be honest; just about any roomy tote, satchel, or duffle can serve as a diaper bag. But the best diaper bags are like the utility pant of carryalls, explicitly designed for on-the-go parenting. Functionality is at the crux of do-it-all diaper bags, from designer iterations to beloved baby brands. Key features include built-in changing pads, organizational pouches, and pockets aplenty to keep you well-stocked and organized on the go. The best styles are usually crafted from lightweight and mess-free fabrics—read easily wipeable and washable. Adorable as they may be, babies come with plenty of messes, making nylon, neoprene, coated canvas, and ventilated mesh panels most ideal in diaper bag form.

Durability is a primary feature to seek out in a stylish diaper bag. Not solely for standing up to in-transit wear and tear or outdoor elements, but the sheer weight of on-the-go baby gear like diapers, wipes, burp cloths, and bottles, which add up to a heavy load. Factor in other soothing and feeding essentials like a portable white noise machine, a bottle warmer, pacifiers, soft toys, and a change or two of clothes (again, messes), and you’re toting around a whole lot. And let us not forget about pumping equipment and the many bits and bobs that go along with it.

All of this makes the choice of silhouette an important one as well. For example, are you usually a tote bag carrier? Perhaps, instead, you like the hands-free ease of a backpack or the sporty-chic style of a duffel or utilitarian messenger bag that can be carried via a crossbody strap. No matter your preference, the best diaper bags will optimize comfort through soft and padded straps, many of which are convertible for multi-way carrying, including the ability to sling your bag onto a stroller or have it remain sturdily upright in the car.

Ahead, keep scrolling to discover 27 of the best diaper handbags out now.

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