24 Minimalist Baby Gear Items For Design-Loving Parents

Photographed by Lawton John, Cookie, September 2007

If the thought of bright, plastic, primary colors overrunning your artfully curated living room sounds like a statement you’d rather not make, rest assured there’s another way: minimalist baby gear. Readying your home for the arrival of a baby does not have to be a threat to your design aesthetic. Somewhere in between shimmering rainbows and woodsy beige is a fleet of contemporary baby gear that’s not only innovative and reliable but also tastefully designed.

Investing in high-quality baby gear that doesn’t cramp your style will not only flatter your home but save you from constantly tucking things away. You can have everything your baby needs to thrive, on display, while also feeling like your home is a reflection of your minimalist design spirit. From a highchair that can pass for a high-end barstool to a diaper bag that looks far too unassuming to hold wet wipes, there’s a smart dupe for everyone who wants to hold onto their style as they embark on parenthood.

Below, our favorite minimalist baby gear items for design-loving parents.

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