15 Cutest Baby’s First Christmas Outfits For Photos, Parties, & Naps

Your baby experiences so many firsts during their first year of life. There’s that first smile, the first time they roll over — even their first tar-esque poop takes on monumental importance. But equally as important as what Baby does is what your little one wears. After all, they’ll only get to wear those precious baby’s-first outfits only once. And while a onesie that proudly proclaims, “My first St. Patrick’s Day” is cute, there’s nothing that comes close to the ensemble your baby will wear on December 25. And if you’re looking for memorable Baby’s first Christmas outfits this season, there are so many winners out there.

Now, there are two ways you can go when it comes to Baby’s first Christmas outfits. You can either find some clothing with a straightforward caption that reads just that ­— “Baby’s 1st Christmas.” Those types of outfits are always going to get oohs and aahs, because not only are they cute, but they do remind you that, yes, this is your child’s one and only first Christmas. But if you don’t want any lettering on your child’s outfit (or you want to keep it simpler), there are equally adorable outfits that are just as festive and fun, but without any wording. And outfits that double as sleepwear get an extra spot on the nice list because anything to keep you from having to potentially wake a baby up for a not-so-silent night gets brownie points.

Keep scrolling for Baby’s first Christmas outfits that are tree-mendously adorable.


A red sleeper with a surprise

From the front, this red nursery pajama from Pottery Barn Kids seems simple enough. But when Baby turns around, it’s an entirely different story. The words “my first Christmas” cover your cutie’s tush, making this a cute Christmas outfit to wear, especially if your little one is crawling. The one-piece is made from 100% organic cotton knit and although it’s durable, the outfit is lightweight and breathable. It has a ribbed collar and cuffs, along with a zipper and snap closures that make it an easy on, easy off outfit for Baby to wear on their first Christmas.


An outfit to wear outdoors

Not all Christmas photos are taken indoors by a tree. If you’re celebrating outside, you might want to dress your baby up in this cute buffalo plaid check outfit. The 2-piece set is made from a cotton blend and features a red and black plaid pattern on both the pants, cuffs, and hoodie. A matching Christmas tree adorns the front of the long-sleeved hoodie, which also features the words “My first Christmas” alongside. You can layer your baby with a short-sleeve onesie underneath if you’re planning to be outside, or you can simply bundle up Baby and snap a shot.


A bell-bottomed beauty

There’s so much sweetness in this Santa Baby outfit that would be perfect for Baby’s first Christmas outfit. For starters, the pullover romper has puffy sleeves and “Santa Baby” written in script on front. But it’s the plush flared red bell bottom pants that makes this outfit a total win. A big ‘ol red matching bow completes the look. The outfit is made from light, breathable fabric, so you won’t have to worry about Baby overheating. A word to the wise, though: a few Amazon reviews noted that this outfit runs big, so if Baby is between sizes, it’s better to size down than up.


A sweet Santa sleeper

Chances are that your baby is probably going to sleep through most of the holiday festivities. So get them ready to have their picture taken (and bed, too) with this easy breezy sleeper. The red and white onesie is a two-piece set and comes with a matching red hat (and white pom pom) to look just like Santa Claus. The pj’s are made from extra soft velour and is machine washable in case Baby spits up. Diaper changes are a snap (literally), and the footed coveralls mean that your baby’s tootsies will stay nice and toasty. Just don’t actually put them to sleep or leave them unattended with the hat on — that’s strictly for socializiing and photo opportunities.


A personalized Baby’s first Christmas outfit

You can turn your baby into a Christmas tree (sort of) when they wear this cute two-piece My 1st Christmas outfit. From Etsy seller Sassylocks, the set comes with a long-sleeved PJ with an embroidered 1st Christmas on the front. The romper comes with a sleeping cap that looks like a Christmas tree (complete with a gold star on top) and can be personalized with your child’s name on top. One reviewer wrote: “I could not be more pleased with this outfit. The sizing is good, the fabric is soft, and the hat with my grandson’s name on it is adorable!”


A Christmas outfit wrapped in a red bow

When you want your baby to look festive yet chic, this adorable my first Christmas outfit is it. The long-sleeve onesie is simplistic with a few sparkles and the words “My first Christmas” on it, but where this outfit really shines is the ruby red skirt that will look so cute when worn with stockings and shoes — or even as is. A matching red bow comes with the bodysuit and skirt. The fabric is super soft and stretchy so Baby will feel comfortable wearing it well into the night. This just might be an outfit that you’ll want to save well past the holidays (and after your baby has outgrown it).


An overall adorable my first Christmas outfit

What is it about a bowtie that just makes a baby’s outfit so darn adorable? Well, this my first Christmas newborn outfit checks off every box when it comes to cuteness. The long-sleeve white onesie is a look all on its own, from the screenprinted Santa-esque tie that has an attached bowtie. But if you’re worried about your little one’s legs getting cold, you can always put on the buffalo red and black checked overalls that also have a Santa face and “1st Christmas” on them. Diaper changes are easy in this outfit, since both the overalls and onesie have bottom snaps, too.


A tutu cute my first Christmas outfit

When you want to announce to everyone that it’s Baby’s first Christmas, you’ll love this little outfit from Etsy seller ThreeSweetLimes. It’s frilly fun in every sense of the word, from the ruffled tutu (with attached gold bow) to the red and green headband (also with a gold bow). You can personalize the onesie with your child’s name (each bodysuit is professionally hand pressed with a glitter design of your choice). And if all of that weren’t enough, you can opt to get the red, white, and green leg warmers that come with, you guessed it, a glittery gold heart.


A my first Christmas layette for your little love

Listen, you just had a baby, and while you want them to look cute, you’re tired, too. That’s what makes this unisex Christmas layette 5-piece set for baby from Old Navy ideal. It comes with a baby bodysuit that has “My first Christmas” on it, so you’re covered when it comes to being seasonal. And if Baby has a diaper blowout, you can always switch them into the cute Christmas tree-covered onesie and red pants with Christmas trees on the knees. A red nightcap can be a cute way to top off each outfit, and in case you forgot to get your child a stocking (hey, it happens), a big red one comes with the set.


A dino-mite my first Christmas outfit

Who says that Santas have to be slathered all over your baby’s my first Christmas outfit? You might dig this dinosaur-themed my first Christmas outfit from Walmart. The three-piece set comes with a long-sleeved onesie with the words “my first Christmas” that form the shape of a tree, with a gold star on top. But where it gets wild are the pants and hat, that are covered with dinosaurs wearing Santa caps, and even one toting a Christmas tree on its back. Hopefully your little one won’t act like a T-Rex when you try to get them to go to sleep.

No matter what your baby wears, they’re bound to steal the spotlight on Christmas, and these Baby’s first Christmas outfits will only make the photos from the season that much more special.