11 TikTok-Approved Products for Parents That Cool Moms Swear By

If you’re not like a regular mom, you’re a cool mom (or dad), then you’ve probably discovered #ParentTok—AKA the corner of TikTok where exhausted parents give other exhausted parents advice. Sometimes that advice is excellent, and other times it’s just plain hilarious.

From sharing toddler stories that end with “you just can’t make this sh*t up” to exchanging parenting-related product recommendations, a lot goes down in the parent sphere of TikTok. But even if you don’t have the app, here’s a little cheat sheet to what TikTok parents swear by.

11 Products for Parents

Keep reading for 11 products for parents that make the whole “raising humans” thing a teensy bit easier. As always, the prices listed may fluctuate over time.

1. Ztl Gyro Bowl

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While there’s no genuinely anti-spill bowl that a toddler can’t learn to bypass, the Ztl Gyro Bowl is the next best thing in limiting spills.

If only they had these when we were kids! The Ztl Gyro Bowl is an ingenious invention designed with toddlers (and their ever-enthusiastic snacking) in mind. At first glance, it kind of resembles a dog toy (maybe it’s the coloring?). Please don’t hold that against this product and its clever anti-spill design. The bowl uses an inner bowl and outer ring to rotate 360 degrees, which means less mess and significantly fewer spills.

It also has 1,436 reviews on Amazon.com, with one writer commenting, “My little one loves the freedom that this bowl gives them by not having to work around silicone flaps like the other spill proof snack containers have. They enjoy the mechanism of how it twists and turns and the 360 degrees handle is a bonus. This is very easy to wash, too.”

Buy at Amazon for $11.99.

2. Toddler Faucet Extender

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The Toddler Faucet Extender makes it easier for small tots to reach the sink.

Another one for the toddlers! That sacred time in which your preschooler discovers they can (finally!) reach the sink is actually not sacred at all. Let’s be honest, mamas—it’s living bathroom hell. But luckily, the Toddler Faucet Extender—which has a 4.5-star rating and more than 4,600 reviews on Amazon.com—makes it easier on both you and your little one.

With the extender, young kids can reach the faucet better while also minimizing those spills, splashes and puddles that you inevitably end up cleaning up. And thanks to its cartoon-esque leaf design, it can also be a great learning tool of sorts to introduce kids to washing their hands—dare we say, it can even make washing your hands FUN?!

One Amazon.com reviewer wrote, “I couldn’t believe that, with one step stool and one faucet extender, she’d love washing her hands so much. We wash together while singing ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider,’ and she even uses a fingernail brush. This extender keeps me from having to hold her over the sink with one arm while trying to show her how to wash with only one free hand.”

Buy at Amazon for $6.51.

3. FridaBaby NoseFrida Electric Nasal Aspirator

best parent products 3
Banish boogers—for the time being.

From the same company that makes “the snotsucker,” the FridaBaby NoseFrida Electric Nasal Aspirator is a must-have in every parent’s arsenal. An electric version of the original, the FridaBaby NoseFrida Electric Nasal Aspirator uses electric-powered suction to vacuum out babies’ boogers. It also features a neat little distraction light to calm kids with squirmy tendencies, giving them something bright to focus on while the parents do the dirty work.

One BedBathAndBeyond.com user wrote, “I love the original but it is not something that is easy and enjoyable to use lol. This is much better than that.”

Buy at Bed Bath & Beyond for $44.99.

4. Bug Bite Thing

best parent products 4
The Bug Bite Thing uses suction to remove the venom or stingers from insect bites.

The Bug Bite Thing comes in handy for people in all walks of life—not only parents—and that’s because it sucks to get a bug bite no matter how old you are. But as all parents know, to get a bug bite as a kid is particularly sucky. The Bug Bite Thing—which has over 41,000 reviews on Amazon.com and is even one of their bestsellers—can put kids (and grown-ups) at ease.

Here’s how it works: It’s a reusable suction tool that vacuums out insect venom, saliva, stingers and other irritants under the skin. It works on all kinds of bug bites, including mosquitoes, bees, wasps, biting flies, no-see-ums, chiggers, sea lice and more.

One Amazon.com reviewer wrote, “I cannot stress to you enough how much better this simple little tool has made my quality of life during summer in Ohio. It rains a lot. There are a lot of mosquitoes…This tool doesn’t make those bumps go away, but it stops the itch IMMEDIATELY.”

Buy at Amazon for $9.95.

5. Purrble Calming Toy Companion

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The Purrble teaches kids how to calm down and even works as an effective sleep aid.

Are you running on the fumes leftover from a couple of weeks’ worth of sleepless nights? Yeah, that’s called parenthood. Part of it, of course, just comes with the territory, but there are a few things you can do to help your baby or toddler sleep better—so that ultimately, you can sleep better.

The 4.5-star Purrble is an amazing, kid-friendly sleep solution that puts children to sleep easier by teaching them how to self-soothe (making it great for anxiety and stress management in kids, too!). Purrble’s heart races and only slows down to a gentle purr when your kid holds and pets Purrble. By calming Purrble, children learn important life lessons about calming themselves and soothing themselves to sleep.

One Amazon.com reviewer wrote, “My son suffers from severe Dyslexia and the C19 situation has created a nightmare where he doesn’t get his IEP time and space allotments and when he gets asked a question virtually during school he often will meltdown. The Purrble has provided a little solace and companionship and helped him to calm down during class. It’s definitely reduced the meltdown factor.”

Buy at Amazon for $49.99.

6. Accmor Formula Tower

best parent products 6
The Accmor Formula Tower is ideal for packing four baby formula servings or various snacks while on the go.

There’s so much potential here. The Accmor Formula Tower isn’t just for giving a baby formula from a bottle. Each of the four tiers is independent and stackable, making this one of the most versatile baby accessories in your diaper bag. Put as much powder as needed in each layer so that you can carry four potential feedings while on the go or stack each compartment full of kid-friendly snacks: cheerios, oatmeal, candies, fruit and more.

It’s got 4.7 stars and more than 3,700 reviews on Amazon.com, with one reviewer writing, “There are a ton of formula dispensers out there. They are typically round. I specifically wanted a long one to put on the outside of my diaper bag. These worked so well I bought two sets.”

Buy at Amazon for $9.99.

7. Backseat Car Organizer

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The Backseat Car Organizer features 12 total storage pockets, including one clear tablet pocket with a convenient hole for an earphone jack.

Car rides with littles can be tricky (say it again for the people in the back!!!). But parents everywhere know that the key to keeping kids calm is keeping things in the car. Like a lot of stuff! This Backseat Car Organizer is perfect for storing everything from iPads and tablets to sunglasses, bottles and sippy cups, books, toys and more. After all, kids need a lot of attention. The organizer keeps everything in its place, so your car doesn’t look like the toy store exploded all over it. Not to mention, it has more than 2,400 reviews on Amazon.com.

One reviewer wrote, “Due to my job and hobby, I practically live in the back seat of my car with my kiddos. This organizer has been a *life saver* in my mission to keep the little ones happy and entertained while I work.”

Buy at Amazon for $19.95.

8. Baby Bathing Hat

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The Baby Bathing Hat keeps shampoo and conditioner out of kids’ eyes but can even be used at the beach to protect from the sun’s rays.

If you’ve ever tried to bathe a child before, you know how difficult it can be. Not every kid likes baths per se, and others are very concerned (and very sensitive) when it comes to soap getting in their eyes. You have to love a product that’s equal parts functional and hilarious.

Enter the Baby Bathing Hat—a water-resistant bonnet that looks like a bathtime rubber duckie. This kid-friendly, adjustable shampoo shield fits kids’ heads sizes six months to 12 years and, most importantly, protects their eyes while they get their hair washed.

Buy at Amazon for $8.99.

9. Brilli Baby Cup Catcher

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The Brilli Baby Cup Catcher tethers to your baby’s high chair so they can never drop (or throw) their bottle on the floor ever again.

TikTok loves this! That’s because the Brilli Baby Cup Catcher (which you can also use to tether toys to a high chair) is quite brilliant. If your tot is guilty of throwing or dropping their bottle three, four, five times per meal, then you’ve got to get this snazzy little silicone gadget. One side adheres to their high chair (or another surface) while the larger end wraps around their bottle or toy. Next time they throw or drop, the item won’t hit the ground, which saves you a heck of a lot of time bending over and picking up. #Lifesaver!

Buy at Amazon for $11.99.

10. Baby Shusher The Sleep Miracle Sound Machine

best parent products 9
Parents love the Baby Shusher The Sleep Miracle Sound Machine, and its more than 12,300 Amazon.com reviews prove it.

Aptly named Baby Shusher, The Sleep Miracle Sound Machine has a 4.4-star rating and more than 12,300 reviews on Amazon.com. TikTok moms (and dads) love it because it uses an authentic human voice to “shush,” or rather, gently lull young ones to sleep. It’s equipped with 5 to 30-minute timers for each shushing session and even features an adjustable volume so that the whole family doesn’t have to listen.

One Amazon.com reviewer wrote, “I was introduced to this at my twin’s newborn photoshoot. It helped them fall right to sleep and she was able to get AMAZING shots!”

Buy at Amazon for $34.99.

11. JellyCap Universal Drinking Cap

best parent products 11
Take the JellyCap Universal Drinking Cap with you everywhere!

Throw it in the diaper bag as this is another one for the books! JellyCap Universal Drinking Caps are a primo accessory if your little one is nearing the age when they drink out of cups, not sippy cups anymore. A transitional tool that parents swear by, the JellyCap helps turn any bottle into an easy-to-drink cup that promotes independence and is gentle on their little baby teeth.

One Amazon.com reviewer wrote, “I love these caps so much! I bought them because I thought they would be easier for my 15 month old to drink from water bottles when we are not at home. I hate dragging sippy cups around. These are PERFECT!”

Buy at Amazon for $14.99.

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